Many new players of MW 2019 feel uncomfortable in multiplayer/coopera, but it is not surprising, because the developers from Infinity Ward have changed the gameplay fundamentally. And that means that most of the old tricks don’t work: from the way you handle weapons to the survival of the maps.

We decided to make 10 tips that will help to become the best in the list of murders and improve KDA – they will be useful not only for multiplayer, but also for cooperative mode.

10 useful tips for online gaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Shelters aren’t here for beauty.

Yes, many people know that you need to take a good position, hide behind some objects and much more. Only in CoD: MW (2019) everything has reached a different level. Firstly, practically with any weapon, it is possible to lean on a surface of shelters (here enter vertical objects, boxes, window frameworks and many other details of a landscape of locations) and to recharge in a target mode. Secondly, in this position the accuracy – increases, and the return – decreases. And believe me, this is an important advantage in a battle with other players: the chance to kill you in this position is much lower than when the character just stands behind the cover. Yes, and banal convenient.

10 useful tips for online gaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Tactical sprint

Another new mechanic. The essence of it is that if you double-click on the run button, your character immediately throws a weapon on his shoulder, which will increase the speed of movement on the map. This is especially important when you need to quickly take a key position at the beginning of the battle or move from one point to another – the character, using a tactical sprint, runs much faster than in normal mode.

Special operations – good mode for exping

Despite the fact that the special operations turned out to be quite monotonous and boring in places, they are extremely useful. Especially if you’re wondering, “How to quickly pump weapons in the game? So if you are burning with the desire to unlock the coolest dodgers for weapons as soon as possible, we recommend you to go to conquer the cooperative, because the progress is transferred to the multiplayer mode of the game.

No matter what, it’s still easier to kill bots under AI command than it is to kill real players (considering that every other one of them is a camper). The only thing you have to take care of is your comrades: the main guarantee of success in special operations is experienced and adequate players.

The combat arsenal should be diverse

Running with the same set of weapons on different maps and take part in a variety of modes will not work. More precisely, it will work, but the game will be as uncomfortable as possible – you will be waiting only for pain and frustration. In some modes and maps will show the most effective fraction, and somewhere better will be a sniper rifle. In addition, in some places will be very useful smoke bombs, and somewhere the heartbeat sensor. If you want to play for fun and have a good score, help the team, and just be an effective fighter, then create sets of equipment for certain situations.

And that’s a must, isn’t it just because the game developers allowed you to change your arsenal during matches? By learning to adapt quickly to a variety of immediate combat situations, your team will be one step closer to winning.

Learn how to use your weapons to gain control of your team’s weapons.

The new game in the Modern Warfare series is famous for its deep and interesting modification system. And it’s not an easy thing to do, because absolutely every weapon and every detail can be customized to suit your needs. But you can’t hang everything you can on your barrel, so you’ll have to choose and think about what’s more important for you and what features you want the weapon to have.

In addition, it is important to consider that some dodgers not only improve the characteristics of the barrel, but also reduce, so upgrade the weapon is important with intelligence. First, you should carefully study them, weigh the pros and cons for yourself. Create weapons that fit your own style of play, and be sure to experiment: ballistics, recoil and a lot of other elements have been cardinally redesigned.

Listen carefully to what’s going on around you

Infinity Ward paid great attention to the tactical component of the project. That’s why the sound from the steps in CoD: Modern Warfare (2019) is so loud and you can hear them so clearly, that even the field modification “Dead Quiet” doesn’t help (and if you’re wearing headphones, then the perk is useless, you’ll still be heard).

In addition, the fighters also often like to “chat” during the battle: they like to shout in a mouthpiece, where the enemy has settled down, as well as actively warn about their actions. In any case, you should pay attention to all this, if you do not want to be caught off guard and killed, or vice versa – if you want to strike an unexpected fatal blow to the position.

10 useful tips for online gaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Compass and mini-map

One of the components of victory is knowing where the enemy is located. Thanks to this, you will always know where the hot shootout takes place, so you can not only come out the winner in this fight with proper skill and ingenuity but also not catch a stray bullet. Only in MW (2019), the developers decided to share the previously familiar radar, shifting some of the responsibilities to the compass at the top of the screen. From now on, you can determine where exactly the shooting comes from, and the mini-map shows the location / movement of other players (enemies and allies).

Of course, such a solution is not the most convenient, because sometimes it is difficult to keep in mind at the same time absolutely all the information from the compass and the mini-map, but you will have to get used to it if you want to become one of the best. Players may be dissatisfied with this compass, but the authors are not in a hurry to change the developed system, and in general it is unlikely to happen.

Don’t be squeamish about using a missile system

Let’s suppose that fights with players go badly, so one more question arises: “What to do? At least it’s time to change additional weapons, for example, to a missile system! Experienced players are trying to make a series of murders that get a variety of “tasty buns” like a helicopter and drones. However, having in hand a missile system, you can quickly destroy the advantage of enemies, so that it will be easier to play in several times: without a drone, there is no mini-card, and without a helicopter – fire support.

So if you can’t effectively kill your enemies, use a rocket system as an option – these players are very valuable. And in time, the necessary experience of killing will come.

Explore maps and locations

The advice may seem quite obvious, but in the new game, this is particularly important. If the cards used to be remembered somehow by themselves, because they were small and corridor cards, now they are more confusing. Lots of cover-ups, lots of alternative ways to go – all of this should be known. This knowledge will not only help to successfully hide from the enemy, but also quickly get to the enemy’s position.

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