Now we know that the new hero in Apex Legends will be Revenant, a combat cyborg that the community already likes. So far, information about him is covered with mystery, but we know exactly his abilities, voice actor and much more. In this article you will learn the most important thing about the new character of the game.

A complete guide to the character of Revenant: abilities, tactics, history.

The trailer has a few hints about Revenant’s abilities. For example, it can turn your left hand into a blade similar to a knife and avoid attacks by transforming it into smoke. Overall, the character’s set of abilities so far hints at the fact that Revenant will be some kind of hidden assassin class:
The ability to climb walls;
The Death Label ability to release a poisoned dagger showing the location of the target for the next 60 seconds;
Silence ability to use technology that disables opponents’ abilities for 10 seconds;
The ability to turn into smoke. During this time, the character ignores incoming damage;
Ability to place a special totem, allowing to resurrect allies with 20HP.

Therefore, the tactics of playing for Revenant must be careful – you should not be a tank or a medic in your team, rather something in between the two classes.

Actor of the voice-over

Revevant isn’t much of a word, but you could have recognized his voice. The original character is voiced by Darin De Paul, he also gave his voice to Reinhardt from Overwatch, Jay John Jameson in Spider Man from Insomniac Games, Reid Tobson in The Outer Worlds, Emperor Klaus in Destiny 2, Owl in Sekiro, and also took part in Red Dead Redemption 2, Death Stranding and many other games.

This is all that is known about the new character at the moment.

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