A Guide to Achievements and Trophies in Aliens: Dark Descent.

Aliens: Dark Descent is a gripping and intense first-person shooter game that takes players into the dark and hostile world of the iconic Alien franchise. One aspect that adds to the game’s replay value are achievements and trophies, which reward players for accomplishing various feats throughout their gameplay journey. This guide will provide an overview of all achievements and trophies available in Aliens: Dark Descent, along with tips on how to obtain them.

Bronze Trophies:

1. Welcome to LV-426 – Begin Your Xenomorph Encounter:
This trophy is obtained by starting up Aliens: Dark Descent for the first time.

2. The Cost of Life – Die While on a Mission:
To obtain this trophy, you must unfortunately die while undertaking a mission in-game.

3. The Secret Ingredient – Find Your First Audio Log:
Audio logs can be found scattered throughout the levels of Aliens: Dark Descent; collect your first one to unlock this achievement.

4. David Among Goliaths – Successfully Take Down A Heavy Synth:
Taking down one Heavy Synth will grant you this bronze trophy; these foes pack quite a punch, so be sure to come prepared!

5. False Start – Fail A Challenge Room Attempt:
Challenge Rooms present challenging scenarios that test player skill; fail one attempt at any challenge room for this trophy.

6. No Toy Gets Left Behind – Manage To Save Every Human From Xenomorphs Inside The Torrens:
As an action-packed encounter within Aliens: Dark Descent unfolds on the luxurious space liner Torrens, reach your objective successfully without losing any other survivors from it.

7. Close Encounter of The Maimed Kind – Shoot Off All Four Limbs Of A Xenomorph At Least Once.
Using precise aim against and even more elusive xenos means being able to dispatch certain limbs via carefully well-placed shots! Aim carefully towards each limb type at least once during in-game encounters to unlock this trophy!

Silver Trophies:

1. The Perfect Gift – Successfully Use A Flashbang:
Utilize a flashbang grenade to its maximum potential in eliminating hostiles for this trophy; they can often deliver much-needed respite from particularly large groups of Xenomorphs or pesky synthetics.

2. Alive And Well- Successfully Complete Your First Mission Without Dying
This Silver Trophy takes a fair amount of skill and endurance, as you must complete an entire mission without the risk of death; it offers a rewarding challenge.

3. Short Controlled Bursts – Kill 5 Enemies Quickly With Only Melee Attacks:
A quick hand and an expert instinct are needed to kill five enemies using only melee attacks with no ranged weapons involved the least bit!

4. Meathead – Eliminate Five Spitters
Spitters are some of the deadliest acid-spewing creatures in Aliens: Dark Descent, eliminate five out of them over time to earn yourself this trophy, but be careful not to let them get too close as its acid won’t spare you!

5. Come Any Closer…-Successfully Use a Sentry Gun on Any Lifeform Using Its Primary Attack.
Set up that automatic firepower with expertise and properly utilize against powerful lifeforms and successfully gain this bling.

Gold Trophies:

1. Slow Learner – Die 15 Times Before Completing The Game (Any Difficulty):
Showing remarkable persistence is all you need here! Make sure your strategy remains resilient even after deaths total fifteen or more times, before finally completing Aliens: Dark Descent on any difficulty level.

2. Overkill – Deal An Entire Row Of Damage To An Enemy In One Clip Using Mind Control Bolt Carrier Attachment.
Obtaining the gold trophy “Overkill” necessitates management: successful usage of Mind Control will be required when aiming lasers in Aliens: Dark Descent against common foes such as drones or rather more elusive enemy breeds in the game.

Once you complete all of these achievements, your journey throughout Aliens: Dark Descent will have become much richer and more rewarding. With each trophy unlocking a unique challenge or mission objective, players are able to fully immerse themselves in the game’s world and gain a sense of accomplishment.

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  1. This guide is a must-read for any Aliens: Dark Descent player! The overview of all the achievements and trophies available in the game is comprehensive and well-written. The tips on how to obtain them are also very helpful. As a fan of the franchise, I appreciate the attention to detail in this guide. Highly recommend!

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