Exploit in the Epic Games Store is so funny and simple that it can be used by any of the shop’s users.

It is not clear how soon the bug will be fixed – it is related to the lack of DRM in games and works even with Borderlands 3.

One of CNN’s authors, Willian Warral, found this bug and described it as follows: you need to go to the store with someone else’s login and download a game that you don’t have.

After that, you can log in to your home account and play it quietly, without any unnecessary manipulation. In addition, Willian remembered that the players who requested a refund were able to continue playing Borderlands 3. And the bug will be able to exist even after the fixes, if the player will periodically return to the account with the game attached to it.

Nice bug. But in order for it to work somewhere there must be a zero player who will buy all the games in the Epic Games Store to distribute their free copies, which also need to be downloaded.

150GB of Red Dead Redemption 2, for example, is not a joke at all.

On the other hand, friends can share accounts to give each other an unforgettable experience.

It is not clear how the leaders of Epic Games will react to this vulnerability: the method includes both the transfer of the account to third parties and the seemingly indirect distribution of the game.

There were already stories when the games were taken away. But there was a case when the store gave huge discounts on new games and pre-orders, leaving them to users even after admitting their mistake.

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