What is AFK arena Redemption code?

In the game AFK arena, there is such a concept – a compensation code. It is a certain set of symbols and numbers when you enter it you get a certain bonus in the game. Usually, it is crystals, which you can then exchange in the in-game store for heroes, equipment for them or other bonuses. Typically, these codes are timed to an event in the game or life, such as World Mother’s Day or the global launch of the game.

You can keep track of the latest codes on this page (add them to your Ctrl+D browser bookmarks), we keep an eye on the latest news and publish them immediately.

Where do I enter my Redemption code?

Click on your player’s avatar while you are in the game.

Select the “Settings” tab at the bottom of the window.

Click on the “Redemption Code” button.

Enter the promotional refund code and confirm with the “Confirm” button.

If all went well, you should see a window with the reward you received.

The outdated redemption codes for the AFK arena

Since the codes are usually timed to an event, they stop working at the end of the event.

afklaunch – was timed to coincide with the global launch of the game.
bunnyfuu – one of the codes for YouTube bloggers
2019 was Mother’s Day 2019.
dadisafk2019 – dedicated to Father’s Day June 2019 (valid until 23 June)
J8WSPDD8RK – One of the promotional codes for YouTube bloggers (July 2019)
jenrmb3n3a – 5 scrolls, 500 alms, 60 blue shards
m6h4wepz7u – Chinese Autumn Festival. The award is given to Gwyneth (valid 2019-09-12 16:00:00 to 2019-09-19 15:59:59 (UTC)).
misevj66yi – 500 diamonds, 60 soul stones and 5 scrolls of conscription (September 2019).
pqgeimc6da – 300 diamonds
Thanksgiving2019 – code timed to Thanksgiving, 60 stones of elite hero + 300 diamonds (28 November – 11 December 2019)
afknewyear2020 – code of compensation for New Year 2020, 60 stones of elite hero + 300 diamonds

Current redemption codes

1fanfengshun – code timed to the Chinese New Year (award 188 crystals + 4 pieces of gold)
misevj66yi —500 diamonds, 60 soul stones and 5 scrolls of conscription (September 2019).

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