We present you a fresh selection of reimbursement codes for AFK Arena, released in early June 2020.

AFK Arena is a strategic role-playing game, which is set in a fantasy setting. Players gather units of heroes, pump them up, improving their level, characteristics, rarity, adding new equipment and more. And developers, in turn, monthly release new codes reimbursement, allowing you to get various bonuses. In this article we will tell you about the codes that are relevant as of June 2020:

vdgf3ak6fc: get 1000 diamonds
uf4shqjngq: get 30 scrolls
mrpumpkin2: get 5 scrolls and 300 diamonds
get 300 diamonds, 100 essences of the hero and 20,000 gold.
misevj66yi: get 500 diamonds, 60 shower stones and 5 draft scrolls

Next month we will release a new article or update the current one! All codes have been tested personally.

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