The Elder Tree is a new feature that was added to AFK Arena together with the patch 1.31. It opens after passing the 6th chapter of the campaign (steps 8-40).

Along with it, a new resource has been added to the game, Perfect Drops, which are needed to improve the tree. They are given for the first Elite Hero and for his ascension (no drops are given for duplicate heroes).

As the Elder Tree is leveled, you will increase the basic parameters of ALL your heroes: attack, health, as well as magic and normal defense. After you level the tree to level 15 (and pass chapter 12), the Gift Powers will open – an improvement of one of the hero classes. A total of 5 branches are available for each class: Support, Tanks, Mages, Rangers and Warriors.

Leveling each branch improves the characteristics of the heroes of a certain class. Each class has its own characteristics. In addition, each Gift Force has 3 skills that are available on levels 5, 15 and 25.

To improve the Gift Powers, you need the Distorted Essence: it can be obtained in the Distorted World Guild Supplement.

AFK Arena - The Elder Tree Guide


Threatening Danger (level 5): When the health of heroes drops below 50% for the first time, Buff raises dodge by 80 points and acceleration by 10 points within 6 seconds.

Milestones (level 15): After dealing damage to enemies with health below 50%, Heroes with this Buff will be able to deal 40% additional damage to the target (cannot be dodged). This buff can only be activated once every 3 seconds.

Rapid Splash (level 25): Dealing damage to enemies 5 seconds before they die, blessed Heroes instantly restore 4% of their maximum health, and their attack speed increases by 80 points within 4 seconds.


Return (level 5): When the heroes’ health first drops below 30%, the buff restores 2.5% of their maximum health every second for 10 seconds.

Cracked Helmet (level 15): Heroes who have received this blessing make a shock wave every time they lose 30% of their maximum health. The shock wave deals massive damage equal to 3% of the enemy’s maximum health. Affected enemies lose 30 speed units in 3 seconds.

Trouble of Life (level 25): Heroes gain an additional 9% of their maximum health every time they are healed by allies. Buff can only be triggered once every 11 seconds.


Destructive Force (level 5): Heroes can deal 180% more damage to their enemies using shields or health barriers. Can be activated once every 11 seconds.

Persistence Shield (level 15): Heroes receive a shield that can deal 15% more damage to their maximum health for 3 seconds each time an enemy uses an ultimatum skill. You can only activate once every 16 seconds.

Blood Thirst (level 25): Increases Life Extension by 14 points for 3 seconds when heroes first use the Ultimative.


Astral Concentration (level 5): Increases the attack of heroes by 10% for 3 seconds each time they use the ultimative skill.

Astral Focus (level 15): When heroes use the ultimative skill, all all allies immediately restore 30 units of energy. If a hero gets this effect several times within 10 seconds, its efficiency is reduced by 60%.

Tidal Power (level 25): Heroes regenerate 40 units of energy when their health first drops below 30%; become immune to crowd control within 1.5 seconds.


Savior’s Gift (Level 5): Gives the most wounded ally a protective shield that can reduce 7x damage (own attack rating) by 220 seconds when the hero first uses an ultimatum skill.

Spark Life (level 15): When the hero heals an ally, he also heals the woundedest ally by 100% of his attack. You can only use once every 10 seconds for each hero.

Challenge (level 25): Restores 60 energy points after the first 15 seconds of battle and for 1.5 seconds makes heroes immune to crowd control.

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