All Altar of Lilith Statue Locations in the Fractured Peaks

The Fractured Peaks is a large region in the video game Horizon Zero Dawn, featuring diverse environments, dangerous creatures, and compelling stories. One of the side quests that players can undertake in this region is finding all Altar of Lilith statue locations.

The Altar of Lilith is an ancient religious site dedicated to a mythical figure believed to possess dark powers. It consists of several statues that resemble a winged woman with horns and a sword. Finding all these statues can be challenging yet rewarding as it unlocks some hidden lore and rewards.

Here are all Altar of Lilith statue locations in the Fractured Peaks:

1. Lone Light: The first statue can be found northwest of Lone Light campsite, on top of a rock formation overlooking the valley below.

2. Free Heap: The second statue is located south-southwest from Free Heap town, inside a cave guarded by several machines.

3. Frostfigures: The third statue can be located northeast from Frostfigures campsite, on top of an icy cliff facing east.

4. Stones Yield: The fourth statue lies southeast from Stones Yield bandit camp, behind a waterfall surrounded by hostile humans and machines.

5.Drone Hangar: The fifth statuette requires players to enter the Drone Hangar ruins into mountain tunnels to find it after tossing down Cervantes’ datapoint connected puzzle quest found at Dawn’s Sentinel machine site West from Drone Hanger

Each time you find an Altar of Lilith statue location; you will have interactive dialogue between Aloy (the main character) Sylens with increasing knowledge that counts as progress towards unlocking significant lore elements via vantage point collectibles scattered throughout the game world.

In conclusion, finding all five locations will enable players to complete this fascinating side mission while unveiling further chains around Horizon Zero Dawn’s critical past events through Sylens conversations with one another about these mysterious artifacts’ meaning once completed. Happy Hunting!

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