All console cheats and codes in Warcraft 3 Reforged. Although a lot has changed in Warcraft 3: Reforged, the basic Warcraft 3 cheats have not. Players who remember all the classic cheats will find that they still work in the new version of the game, including the updated Frozen Throne add-on. You heard it right – you can still swing to the Force of the Horde with a simple command.

All console cheats and codes in Warcraft 3 Reforged

Here is the full list of Warcraft 3 cheat codes. Please note that these Warcraft 3 cheats should work in any version of the game, from Classic to Reforged and even The Frozen Throne. Don’t expect them to work in an online game, as they are designed to work exclusively in campaign mode and on custom maps.

If you’re new to Warcraft 3, you might be wondering how to use cheat codes. The answer is simple: press enter, enter the code, then press enter again. A message confirms that the cheat is active. If the cheat code is a switch, you can enter the cheat code again to disable the cheat code.

allyourbasearebelongtous – Momentary win
Daylightsavings – stops or resumes the day/night cycle.
daylight (1-24) – sets a certain time of day
greedisgood – gives 500 gold and 500 woods
greedisgood (#) – Provides the specified amount of gold and wood
iocainepowder – Includes rapid death and decay.
iseedeadpeople – shows the map and removes the fog of war.
itvexesme – turns off the conditions of victory.
Keyersoze (#) – Provides the specified amount of gold
Leafittome (#) – Provides the specified amount of wood
lightsout – sets the game time for tonight
Homeland (race) (#) – Deformations at the level of a separate fraction (level selection, i.e. “Orc Homeland 07”)
pointbreak – turns off the food limit
riseandshine – sets the game time in the morning
sharpandshiny – provides all research updates
Forcethandhonor – Disables defeat / failure conditions and limitations in Campaign mode.
Synergy – Removes all requirements of the technology tree
Tenth level – Chief Tauren – Horde power.
thedudeabides – reduces spell recovery time
Thereisnospoon – gives an infinite amount of mana
expedites assembly time
whoisjohngalt – speeds up research time
Whosyourdaddy – gives invincibility and murder with one blow (God’s regime).

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