Hydroneer has a lot of recipes, we already told you about what you need for Kraft. Now in our guide we have collected all Kraft recipes in Hydroneer. When it comes to insidious items, there are several items in the game that you can create. Most of them are weapons, and some are jewelry.

What do you need for craft in Hydroneer?

Before we tell you about recipes for Kraft, let’s remember what items are needed:
A small stove.
An anvil.
A forging hammer.
Casting mold.

Axe recipe.
An axe is one of the items that can be made in Hydroneer. You can create this object on an anvil using 2 iron ingots. However, the value depends on the size of the iron ingots used to make the axe. The larger the iron bar, the higher the total value of the axe. You can sell the Axe in the Stock Market or keep it with you, but you cannot use it in battle.

Dagger recipe
The recipe for making a dagger is only 1 iron bar. You can make it on an anvil, and the total cost of the dagger depends on the size of iron ore. Like in the Kraft manual, you get iron ore from mud and then you can turn it into ingots. You can sell the daggers on the stock market or store them as a decorative object.

Necklace recipe
To create a necklace in Hydroneer you will need 2 gold bars and a faceted stone. The value of the necklace depends on the size of Kraft objects used in the process. This object is made using an anvil and can be sold on the stock market or used as a decorative object.

Ring Recipe
The rings are processed with 1 gold ingot and 1 gem in Anvil. The value depends on the size of the gold ingot and the cut used to make the ring. An object can be sold at a stock market price or left as a decorative object.

Recipe for the Sword
Last on the list, if Hydroneer’s recipes are swords. You can create a sword with 3 iron rods on an anvil. The value of a sword depends on the size of the iron bars used to make it. Like other items, swords can be sold on the stock market or stored as a decorative item.

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