Want to know how to get to a good or bad ending in addition to “Blood and Wine” for “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” read our guide.

“Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine is one of the most ambitious add-ons ever created, and it has a wealth of choices and ramifications that can lead to different endings. As you might expect, Heralt’s quest in Toussaint has several endings, which we want to tell you about in our guide.

Before continuing, be aware that below is a large number of spoilers in the game.

All the endings in “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine.”

All endings in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine

There are three endings of “Blood and Wine” in total. that corresponds to a good, neutral (rather bad) and bad (very bad) final of the addition. We will help you describe step by step how to get each of them, which can be quite complicated.

The good ending is both sisters are alive.

For each of the finals, your first step begins with the Night of Long Fang and the one you choose. Then there will be a number of options that you will need to make as you progress to the end. Here are the choices you need for a good finale.

Choose to chase Sienna in “Long Fang Nights.”

Important: Make sure you read all the log entries in the gaming room at Beauclair Palace.

Get the ribbon from Little Kremenchitz during Beyond Hill and Dale. You can do this by paying her for it or by winning the game at Gwent.

During the Pomp and Strange circumstance quest, talk to Xianna first before starting the ceremony. You need to convince security to let you talk to her. There are three correct dialogue options that you need to choose, as shown below. 1. “because she turned her back on you.” 2. “did you ever think to forgive her?” 3. “may ask her about it.”

Now go and talk to Damien and tell him the truth, and then tell the Duchess about her sister Xiang.

Henrietta will ask Heralt’s opinion on the matter, so decide to say that Xianna is guilty, and then tell him that they were both children when it happened.

Now you get a “good” ending, and both sisters will survive.

The neutral ending – Sianna dies.

This finale starts almost as well as a good one, but the main difference is to make sure that you don’t get the ribbon from Little Kremenchitz.

Choose to chase Sienna in “Nights of Long Fang”.

Don’t take the Little Fang Ribbon from Little Kremenchitz outside of Hill and Dale.

That’s it. Detlaff will kill Sienna, and Heralt will be imprisoned and then saved by Dandelion.

Bad ending– both sisters are dead.

As you might expect, its end depends largely on how you act in the exact opposite direction to a good end, and it ends with the culmination of the tragic deaths of both sisters.

Choose to pursue the Invisible Elder in the Night of Long Fang, not Sianna.

Don’t talk to Sianna before the ceremony in Pompeii and Strange Circumstances.

It will bring Sienna to trial, where she will kill Henrietta. Then Damien will kill Sienna, which will lead to the worst possible outcome.

That’s all we wanted to talk about in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine, read more about the game in our Guide section.

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