All Main Quests in Hyurle Sky, Surface, Depthsin Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is an exciting adventure game that allows players to explore various kingdoms and complete quests. The game is set in the magical world of Hyrule, which has three distinct areas: Sky, Surface, and Depths. The main quests in this game are the ones that take you through the story and help you progress further into the game.

In Hyrule Sky, one of the main quests is called “The Goddess’s Silent Realm.” In this quest, players must collect Tears from different areas in order to unlock new abilities and items. Another important quest here is “The Imprisoned,” where players must seal away a dangerous creature that threatens to destroy all of Hyrule.

Moving on to Hyrule Surface, we have “Song of the Hero”. This quest requires players to locate three different songs that form a powerful melody capable of defeating evil forces. Another important quest here is “Past Regrets,” where players must solve puzzles and gather resources with a limited time frame.

Finally, in Hyrule Depths there is “In Search Of Zelda”. In this quest ,players traverse dangerous terrain filled with traps while looking for Princess Zelda who has been captured by Ganondorf’s minions. Another major mission here involves tracking down a rare item known as “Triforce”.

Completing these main quests will allow you to progress deeper into the storyline while uncovering mysteries about various characters like Link ,Zelda or Ganondorf and their kingdoms along with unlocking new treasures or weapons which will strengthen your character further .

Overall, there are many thrilling missions awaiting you throughout each kingdom as you explore everything it has offer while completing vital tasks needed for saving everyone from impending doom .

Aside from the main quests, there are also side quests that players can take on. These tasks vary in difficulty and will require you to use different skills and strategies in order to complete them. Some of these side quests include finding hidden treasure chests scattered throughout each kingdom or helping out local townspeople with their problems.

Exploration is a key element of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, as there are many secrets waiting to be discovered. Players can find hidden paths and shortcuts by observing the surrounding environment or by speaking to NPCs who may provide helpful hints or directions.

Combat is another important aspect of the game, and players must be prepared to face various enemies while exploring Hyrule’s kingdoms. Each enemy has unique strengths and weaknesses that players must learn how to exploit using different weapons such as swords, bows arrows, bombs etc., which they can acquire along the way .

In addition, magic plays an essential role in defeating certain enemy types like those that cannot be damaged by physical attacks alone . Magic spells are gained through progression within a story quest ,and have limited usage so it is important for playersto make use of them wisely to survive longer battles.

Ultimately, progress is made through completing objectives both big and small while accumulating experience points towards leveling up your character stats .This means elements like life bar upgrade/ defence boost /weapon durability increase asthat you proceed deeper into game.They also help foster confidence amongst players allowing them try challenging bosses that would normally defeat them at minimum level.Consequently striving harder challenges within such areas yields greater rewards which assist further growth.Therefore playing intelligently aids survivability especially in elevated scenarios including surviving deadly gauntlets without fail!

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom provides gamers with hours upon hours of exciting gameplay filled with puzzles,dangerous encounters alongside exploration strategy RPG elements .So whether one chooses solo play mode or multiplayer mode,Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom promises excitement all around!

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