All Side Adventures in Hyrule Surface, Sky, Depthsin Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

If you’re a fan of the Zelda franchise, then you’re probably familiar with the various side adventures found in Hyrule. These adventures are often separate from the main storyline and offer a chance to explore other areas of Hyrule that may not be visited during the main quest.

In ‘Tears of the Kingdom’, there are three different types of side adventures that players can encounter: those found on the surface, those in the sky, and those in depths.

Surface Side Adventures:

The surface side adventures typically involve exploring different areas within Hyrule that are not directly related to advancing through the main story. Players might encounter hidden caves or ancient ruins scattered throughout Hyrule’s landscapes. These areas often contain secrets or treasures to discover, such as rare weapons or valuable items.

One example of a surface side adventure is finding all 900 Korok Seeds scattered throughout Hyrule. These seeds can be found hidden within acorns, under rocks, behind waterfalls or even at dead-ends in each region across this vast open-world game known as Breath Of The Wild.

Sky Side Adventures:

In ” Tears Of The Kingdom,” players also have an opportunity to explore travel between Sky Islands on their bird-like mount called Loftwings these islands contain various challenges such as mini-dungeons where Link tackles puzzles with new tools only available here (such as gust jars) while flying over beautiful vistas setting up campfires for rest next to Dragon Statues and completing Stunt Flight Challenges awarded with rupee chests; experience complements Breath Of The Wild vividly depicting journeying across majestic skies by our favorite hero riding his trusted companion through skies

Depths Side Adventures:

Finally, depths side adventures send Link underwater towards certain landmarks containing special properties accessible only if Bomb Arrows unlock routes leading Link into Treasure Chest Rooms holding prized possessions like silver rupees.

Keep your sense sharp because blooper squid enemies scattered may attack while maneuvering deeper water levels! One of the most iconic depths side adventure locations is “Zora’s Domain,” which also is featured in some form or fashion in nearly every game of the franchise. Here, players can complete a variety of quests that revolve around helping the Zora people.

Overall, side adventures in Hyrule offer players an opportunity to explore different areas within their favorite games completely differently from just battling Ganon and his minions; these adventures add layers of depth and complexity, often requiring creativity and critical thinking to solve puzzles while offering some exciting rewards accompanying player’s journey throughout Kingdom Of Hyrule.

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