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On November 19, Valve, the studio that gave the world the Counter-Strike, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Dota and many others series, after 12 years of the last game in the Half-Life universe, briefly announced the Half-Life VR project: Alyx. The full announcement took place two days later. Valve showed the game’s trailer and announced the estimated release date of March 2020.

All the details of Half-Life: Alyx company distributed to many game resources – particles of information appeared on the pages of the studio itself, in the Steam store, in various interviews and in a large video clip of Geoff Keighley.

We’ve collected everything Valve told you about Half-Life: Alyx over the past days

Half-Life:Alyx gameplay

Release date and price

Release: March 2020
Platform: PC in VR
Prices: 60 $ in the USA. Valve Index VR headset owners will get the game for free.

Minimum system requirements

OS: Windows 10;
Processor: Intel Core i5-7500 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600;
RAM: 12 GB;
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580;

Half-Life: Alyx is a complete game, a prequel to Half-Life 2

Valve calls his new project a full game experience. Gamers will learn all the classic features of the series: world studies, puzzle-solving, dynamic fights and mystical story linking the iconic characters of the Half-Life universe.

Alyx will not have the usual gravity gun, but will have gravity gloves that can be used to manipulate objects. Among the weapons also noticed a gun and a submachine gun. According to rumors, the game will have a mount and shotgun.

Both Elai and Alyx will voice new actors. Michael Shapiro will play G-Man, the mysterious man in the costume, again. Tony Todd will return to the voice of the vortigons. GladOS from Portal, Ellen McLain, will be responsible for the Alliance’s broadcasts.

About 50 people have been working hard on the game for three years. Some of them are representatives of Campo Santo studio, the authors of Firewatch. Also involved are the creators of Portal 2. The head of the company, Gabe Newell, said that VR technology has ignited a spark in Valve again. Now the company wants to look at the reaction of the players to understand how to proceed with the series and whether to take on a full continuation.

Half-Life: Alyx was born out of experiments with VR based on Half-Life. But Valve also worked actively with Portal code and Asset, but then they rejected the idea of a full-fledged VR game with portals.

How long will it take to get through Half-Life: Alyx?

It will take about 15 hours, reports Jeff Kaylie.

What’s the game gonna be about?

The main characters are Alyx and her father Eli Vance. They will start the fight against the Alliance, a race of aliens who have enslaved the Earth. To do this, the heroes will organize resistance and begin a series of studies on unique projects. Despite the fact that the events will unfold before the appearance of Gordon Freeman, Valve advises to pass Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Apparently, the spin-offs of Alyx will be somehow connected with the events of the last episode of the series.

What will be the gameplay?

Valve describes the gameplay Half-Life: Alyx as follows: “Aim around the corner through the broken wall and make an incredible shot under the overhanging barnacle. Explore the shelves for first-aid kits and bullets. Use tools to hack into alien interfaces. Throw a bottle through the window to distract the enemy. Pull the attacker’s headcrab off your face and throw it into the combine.

Which virtual reality helmet is needed for Half-Life: Alyx?

Valve herself offers to play on her headset Index. But also confirmed to work with Oculus. The bet is made on the tracking of each hand separately.

Is it possible to play the game without a VR helmet?

No. You can’t go through Half-Life Alyx with the traditional way.

Will there be a multiplayer?

No, it was abandoned because of low demand in VR.

What kind of engine does the game use?

Half-Life: Alyx is based on Source 2. Together with the game Valve will release a set of tools Source 2 SDK. Moderators will be able to make their own content for VR and publish it with Steam Workshop.

What bonuses will Valve Index customers receive?

For the purchase of the Index headset by the end of 2019, the company promises exclusive skins for Alix weapons. Customers will also be able to explore the game world of Half-Life: Alyx as part of SteamVR. Finally, Valve promises unique themed content from the new Half-Life for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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Screenshots of Half-Life: Alyx

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