According to rumors, ParXzi may be the next champion to join the ever-growing list of League of Legends. According to a recent remote Reddit report, the new champion is destined to become a jungle player, and is conceived as something between Ivern and Kha’Zix. If the leak is true, Par’Xzi will be able to interact and absorb monsters like Ivern, which in turn allows him to develop as Kha’Zix.

However, the most interesting (and surprising) part of Par’Xzi is that it can choose from two dozen different evolutions. Just as Aphelios can cyclically pass through different weapons for different combinations, Par’Xzi can pass through different monsters for different abilities and combinations. Next is that the leak claims to be its evolutionary process:

Level 1: Par’Xzi can “absorb” Wolves and Predators to get a permanent set based on them (Wolves: it becomes chalk, Predators: it becomes distant)

Level 6: Par’Xzi can “absorb” Krugs, Gromp or Scuttle by constantly changing its abilities according to the type of damage (Krugs: AD, Gromp: AP, Scuttle: Tank).

Level 11: Par’Xzi can “absorb” Brambleback or Sentinel, constantly adding additional effects to its abilities. (Brambleback: More damage, Sentinel: More utility.)

Level 16: Par’Xzi can “absorb” a Dragon or Nashor’s Baron (it works like a Messenger Eye, meaning his team must kill him), constantly adding additional effects to his abilities (Dragon: additional AoE on certain abilities, Baron: additional Singel Target Efficiency).

Without any official confirmation, it’s better to accept hearing with a bit of skepticism. ParXzi is technically not even the next champion to take part in the League of Legends. This is Seth, who hasn’t even been released. If ParXzi exists, logic dictates that its complex ki requires thorough testing before it can get to live servers. Therefore, it would be no surprise if another champion prepares for release after Seth.

2020 will be an extremely busy year for Riot Games. The developer is finally ready to pass the League of Legends and release more games, most of which are based on the same League of Legends universe. There is a League of Legends of Runeterra, a free collector card game. There is an unannounced fighting game and a shooter, as well as many other projects.

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