Craft in Hydroneer requires many items and equipment. In this guide we will explain how you can get all the equipment for Kraft, what its cost is, and how Kraft works in the game.

You will need a small kiln, anvil, forging hammer, casting mold and crucible to make it.

A small kiln and where to get it.
The small furnace is part of the handicraft equipment in Hydroneer. The product is available in tool and equipment stores for 86 coins. You can place the small oven by pressing “Paint” to activate the placement mode, and by pressing it again you will place it anywhere. Now you need to fill the crucible with iron ore or gold ore and then put it into the furnace to melt.

The anvil and where to get it
You can use the Anvil to create several items such as Swords, Rings, Necklaces, Daggers and Axes. Press “Paint” to go into placement mode and place an anvil, then walk through Kraft recipes. Once you have selected a recipe, throw all the materials into the anvil, and then use a forging hammer on the anvil.

Keep in mind that ingots need to be heated in a small oven before going to an anvil. You get an anvil from tool and equipment stores for 86 coins.

A forging hammer and where to get it.
The forging hammer is one of the items used to make daggers, axes, swords, necklaces and rings. You can buy the Forging Hammer in a tool and equipment store for 105 coins. Once you have put the materials on your anvil, use the hammer to make the necessary items after you have chosen a recipe.

Casting mold and where do you get it?
The mould is a key part of the Hydroneer Kraft process. For many recipes you need ingots, but to create ingots you need a casting mould. You can get the mold from the tool and equipment store for 42 coins.

Tigel and where to get it.
Tigel, which helps you get gold and iron bars. You need this Kraft object to turn gold and iron ores into gold and iron ingots. You can get this craft item from the tool and equipment stores in Hydroneer. The value of the crucible is 18 coins.

How to Craft in Hydroneer
After you put all the items together, you need to put the ore in the crucible. Use the E button to do this. Now you need to take the crucible and place it in a small oven. After a while, the ores will start to melt. Once all the ores have been turned into liquid, you should pour the liquid into the mold.

Now place the mold in a small oven and, while it heats up, choose a Kraft recipe. Depending on the Kraft recipe, put the materials and the bar from the small oven on an anvil. Now use the Forging Hammer on an anvil to create a recipe. After you have finished, you can pick up an object by pressing the E key.

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