Amazon’s gonna make a competitor to Stadia and xCloud

Referring to people who know the plans of Amazon, the technological site CNET tells that the new service will be shown next year. The trading giant has already hired several employees who previously worked at Microsoft for this initiative and is recruiting more. The “new initiative” will be hosted by Amazon Web Services, but will also be integrated with Twitch.

Amazon’s plans for streaming services were also issued by The Information portal, which said that the platform will be launched in 2020. Except for Twitch (which was still quite a long way to fame), Amazon’s attempts to get into the gaming industry were unsuccessful. Therefore, streaming may well be the way to break into the video game industry, because even Google with their Stadia is not doing as well as we would like.

Microsoft Project xCloud, which is now in beta, is likely to be the next streaming game service after Stadia. And here’s what will happen next – a riddle. Will Steam be the next one after them, which, according to rumors, also prepares its answer Stadia or Amazon? We just have to wait, but the current situation shows that at least large companies are extremely interested in streaming services.

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