An Eerie Voice Walkthroughin Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

In this article, we will be discussing the eerie voice walkthrough in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This section of the game is one of the most anticipated and dreaded parts as it can be quite challenging yet intriguing.

The eerie voice walkthrough starts with Link receiving a vision from Princess Zelda about an ominous voice that has been haunting her dreams. The princess believes that this voice is linked to an ancient evil that once plagued their land and is now trying to rise again.

To begin with, players need to travel to Lake Hylia where they will find a small island called Puffer Beach. On this island, there are three stone statues that have musical instruments carved on them. Players must use Link’s ocarina to play the correct tune using these instruments in order to unlock a hidden passage leading beneath Lake Hylia.

Once players enter this hidden passage, they will face many challenges such as dodging traps and fighting off dangerous enemies. Along the way, they may hear whispers which reveal more about Princess Zelda’s nightmares and what she fears might happen if she doesn’t put an end to it.

The next part of the eerie voice walkthrough involves finding three ancient sigils scattered throughout different locations across Hyrule. These sigils are needed in order to unlock the entrance into an underground dungeon where players will face their final challenge: defeating a powerful entity known only as “The Voice.”

Each sigil requires players to complete various tasks that range from solving complicated puzzles or fending off enemies in intense combat scenarios.

Once all three sigils have been collected, Link must return back to Puffer Beach Island where he can finally unlock access into The Voice’s lair beneath Lake Hylia. Upon arriving at The Voice’s chamber, players are confronted by its intimidating presence – A strange creature made up entirely of shadows with glowing red eyes looming high over them.

As soon as battle commences, The Voice begins conjuring up dark magic attacks that drain Link’s health with each hit. However, players can weaken The Voice by hitting the sigils located on its body. Once all of them are destroyed, The Voice loses its power and explodes into a mass of darkness disappearing for eternity.

In conclusion, this eerie voice walkthrough is not for the faint-hearted as it will require players to use their wits and combat skills to overcome some of the most challenging obstacles in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Nevertheless, players will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience that sheds more light on Zelda’s nightmares and the story behind this ancient evil that is trying to rise again.

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