This week the long-awaited Nintendo Switch exclusive Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released. Despite the fact that the franchise has been on the market for almost 20 years, the success of the hybrid console and active advertising campaign will undoubtedly attract the attention of new gamers. That’s why it will be useful for them to learn some important interesting facts that will help them to get used to New Horizons.

One day at a time. When you sit down and play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you need to keep in mind one thing: play one day at a time. Long game sessions are not the best way to go, as much of the content will remain overboard. A number of tasks will require real time: the repair of the house, the improvement of the shop and the construction of the museum will not be completed until the next day. Therefore, the players will need to be patient.

Shovel, pole and stairs. Some items will not be available to players until the second day of the game. After you donate five beetles or a fish to Tom Nuk, Blazer Owl will build an awning on the island. At the first meeting, this character will give the hero recipes to create a shovel and a pole. However, you won’t be able to climb the steep cliffs until the third day when Blazer will give you a recipe for a sliding staircase.

Buy everything. Regularly stop by Timmy and Tommy’s shop and buy what they offer. Especially if you don’t have this item. The fact is that when you first find or buy a piece of a poster with furniture or decking, it is automatically added to the catalog. After that the item can be downloaded through the Nuk-terminal. Bonus miles are also credited for adding to the catalogue. Besides, you should spend your earned dinis (in-game currency) in order to pump up the shop.

Remember about the wasps. In the game the main character can shake trees, from which often fall useful objects. But sometimes you can disturb the wasp’s nest. If insects bite the character, he will swell his eye, if the incident repeats, the poor guy will pass out. With this in mind, take a net with which you can quickly catch a wasp and then sell it (2500 diners per piece).

Eat fruit and nuts. In New Horizons, eating fruit and nuts is really helpful. After that, a superpower counter appears in the top left corner. Each fruit has a unique effect. For example, the ability to dig up a tree or destroy stones. The latter should not be abused in the city, because the stones hide important resources for Kraft and money. However, transplanting trees will transform the island without the risk of mass destruction of green spaces. When the character gets into the desert zone (spending bonus miles), he can also dig up a palm tree for transplanting.

Foreign fruits and nuts. But it’s not worth eating or selling fruits and nuts that don’t grow in the vicinity of the island. Instead, grow trees with a stable source of income. Each fruit (except coconuts) can be sold for 500 dinas.

Donate your findings to the museum. If you find a new fish species, insect or fossil, it is worth giving it to the museum. To turn the Blazer Awning into a museum in the early stages, it’s worth donating everything your character finds or catches.

Hit the rocks. In New Horizons, you can hit stones with a shovel or a pickaxe for resources. Once a day the hero may come across a stone from which money will fall out. So it’s advisable to beat the stones on a regular basis. Before that, dig a few holes behind the character, so that when you hit the character does not bounce off the stone, it will save time.

Talk to the citizens every day. In-game characters can give the player new recipes, random gifts, as well as useful tips and tricks. They are also very cute! New Horizons awards bonus miles for friendship and communication, so there’s no reason to play an unloved hero.

Visit the deserted islands. Bonus miles are awarded for completing quests and other activities in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can swap them at Nuk Terminal for many useful items and abilities that you can’t reach by other methods. For example, you can buy a flight ticket to go to one of the deserted islands. On them you can find a ton of resources, including herbs, and meet the settlers. There are also rare islands with “monetary” stones and unique insects.

Visit the islands of other players. Through the airport, the hero can visit the islands of other players. For example, in the shops of friends we recommend to sell fruit if they have grown others, as well as participate in sales. Bonus miles are also awarded for visiting the islands and receiving guests.

Botany rules! The game is implemented mechanics of cross-pollination of plants. Thus, some insects are attracted by hybrid flowers. The latter can be found on deserted islands, but it is not difficult to grow independently. Plant two flowers of the same species next to each other and field them. It’s very likely that

Tarantulas. Depending on what part of the hemisphere the player can find certain types of spiders. Catch them is quite difficult, but you can sell tarantula for 8000 days. The algorithm of action is as follows: take the net and begin to carefully approach the spider. If you’re worried about arachnid, you need to freeze on the spot. If you approach a safe distance, you can grab the tarantula.

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