We offer you the passage of the fascinating zombie shooter Annie Last Hope.

Browse a long cat-scene, chat with different characters. Soon a zombie attack will begin, where people are turned into crabs. You’ll be running a man. Use paintwork to fire a gun. The reload starts automatically when the clip is empty, or you can start it manually with the R key. The gun has unlimited ammunition! You can also repel enemies by pressing the F key. Kill a few zombies as you move along the street until new enemies appear. Luckily, you’ll soon be given an automatic rifle. This weapon has limited ammunition, which means you’ll have to look for ammo. Ammo, bandages and first-aid kits fall out of killed zombies. That doesn’t happen very often. The first aid kit is automatically applied to the character, but the bandages can be used manually with the C key.

At the end of the level you will need to fight with a horde of zombies on the road. Do not try to kill them with a weapon! Instead, run along the road and dodge using PCM. You have to dodge the cars that will shoot down the zombies. To accelerate, hold the Shift key. Once you’ve won, go down to the subway.

You can have a Coca-Cola from the vending machine. Then go downstairs to meet Annie. Go ahead and study the top tier. Collect various items, including hamburgers, cigarettes, soda cans, Playboy magazines, and so on.

Jack, Jessica and Annie.
When you’re ready, go down the dormant escalator next to the firefighters. Clear enemies on a platform with a train and climb down the escalator opposite. You can turn left by sliding the cardboard boxes out of the way to find useful items. Go right and down and find your way into the corridor. There are several rooms. In the far room, you’ll find Mike, Jessica’s father. Once you’ve done that, talk to him and collect the supplies. Besides the money, you’ll find bottles of whiskey and get a new weapon, a revolver. The revolver can kill ordinary zombies with one shot, but it has extremely low ammunition. Go back to the fire department, go to the right and find the escalator that leads upstairs.

The city’s under attack.
Walk down the city street, killing your enemies. You will pick up grenades. To drop the grenade, press the G key. You’ll also have a major battle ahead of you, with fat men (requires many more bullets) and baseball players. The latter run like skinny zombies, but to kill them you need to put much more bullets in. Don’t forget to run on Shift and use rolls on PCM. You’ll get to the supermarket soon.

Go ahead and find Mike and Jessica on the left who made it to the supermarket. That’s where big Frank is. He’s a salesman. First open the sales tab to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff – burgers, drinks, pizza, magazines. All you collect is to sell to Frank and get cash for guns and improvements. So far, there’s not much to buy from him except bandages and grenades. You can go to the room on the left where there are slot machines and lots of drawers with resources. On Frank’s right, there’s an injured guy. He’ll say there’s booze in the cardboard boxes. Shoot the boxes on the right to find her. Go to the right and enter the only room.

You will go down to the ground floor. First, go left and up to the freezers. There are two doors. Open the far one to release the survivor. He’s being chased by zombies. Kill them all, then the survivor will reward you with cash and other things. Just pick up what he throws in front of you. Go back and go downstairs to find the escalator leading upstairs. There’ll be a lot of people here, but Ronald’s office is just to the right of the stairs. Open the door and talk to the supermarket owner. You’ll end up with a new weapon, a shotgun. At the end of the conversation, you’ll have to kill Ronald, who is infected.

Next is a very long episode of Jack riding down the elevator. Kill your enemies with all the weapons you have. Don’t try to save money and shoot with a normal gun. It’s complicated, and you don’t have to. At some point, the elevator will stop, the gate will go up, and you’ll be hit by zombies. Hold on to your left side so the zombies can pass by. Keep destroying your enemies, don’t forget about evasions. At the very bottom, you’ll have to kill all your enemies and then run back to where they came from. Otherwise, the cars will fall on you. That’s how the episode ends.

Crazy monster truck.
Go ahead through the parking lot, talk to Frank and sell anything you don’t want. See the cat? It shows you the way up from Frank. Follow him to find the supply stash. A little further away, you’ll be fighting a mad, infected monster truck.

The battle against the first real boss

So, the fight is a series of stages. Shoot the car with any weapon and dodge the flying drops. At first, the drops will only fly out from the side where the car door is open. But then the car will start spinning and throwing more droplets. When zombies appear, first run behind the column and hide behind it. Kill all ordinary enemies and only then continue shooting at the monster truck. I recommend using a shotgun against ordinary zombies, because it shoots a short distance and you are unlikely to get to the car. There are also boxes of ammunition behind the columns. At the very end of the battle the machine will go crazy and start ramming everything, destroying the columns. You can’t hide behind the columns anymore. Keep running and dodging with the PKM. To finish the car faster in the final stage, I recommend leaving a few revolver clips.

Go ahead until the cat scene starts with people in black suits.

Filling up
Talk to Julia, Jim, then go left and enter the gas station building. Talk to William. When you go outside, go back to your van and go right into the woods.

The Forest
So, at first you’ll only have access to onions. Move forward, kill your enemies and lure them into trap pits. Soon you’ll reach the road with your car. On the left is the key. Pick it up and look in the back of the car. Get to the house where Mike and Jessica were. Sort out the zombies while running away or dodging the spinning wheels. You see all these wheels? The battle will end when each wheel tries to hit you. Then enter the building, look through the various things and take your first firearm, a machine gun.

Keep going. At the fork, first go up and left, and then move right. Then kill the enemies who literally roll barrels at you. After doing this, follow the right of three routes to collect your prey. Then follow either of the other two routes to meet Frank. Sell him everything you got. Fortunately, the money Jack collected will be transferred to Annie’s account. You can buy a new weapon from Frank. The onion he offered has increased damage. On the second tab, you can choose which weapon to take with you. A gun or an onion is the only weapon you can put in the first slot. Ammunition to them is free.

Second boss of the game
Run away from the zombies until you find yourself in the location where the giant wheel appears. Run away from the giant wheel and shoot until it is covered by an energy barrier. At this point, do not even try to attack it. Soon ordinary wheels will appear, from which you need to evade. You should also avoid green stripes, which leaves a giant wheel and two wheels jumping out of it. At the end of the battle, the enemy will move around the location non-stop. Get ready to evade. It’s best to leave a submachine gun or other weapon behind for the last time.

You need to move through the sawmill and kill your enemies. Avoid logs that move excavators, as they will instantly kill the main character. Luckily, the same thing will happen to zombies who will be handed out. Watch the video to learn about the sad fate of Mike and Jessica. It will encourage Annie to look for Jack.

Going back to the gas station
The continuation should…

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