The fifth season in Apex Legends brings not only a new map and Battle Pass, but also adds a new character, Loba. In this guide you will learn all the information about it, including its discovery.

Loba, how to open a character, lor and history.

Character Story
Loba, aka Thief from high society, is closely associated with the character who was added in the previous season. The fact is that when Loba was very young all her family killed Revenant, after which she had to start stealing to survive. One day, Loba was caught on a secret site, where she found a portable teleport, with which she can steal any treasure of the world and finally get out of poverty.

How to open a character
It may not be a secret that you need to spend 12000 legend tokens or 750 Apex coins to open your character. In order to earn tokens you need to raise your level. Please note that you don’t need a Battle Pass, and you will have to spend real money to earn Apex coins.

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