Arcadian Atlas faq

What is Arcadian Atlas?

Arcadian Atlas is a strategy role-playing game developed by Twin Otter Studios. It combines intricate tactical battles with a deep and engaging storyline set in the land of Arcadia.

Who are the developers behind Arcadian Atlas?

Arcadian Atlas is developed by Twin Otter Studios, an indie game development studio based in Texas, USA. The team consists of Taylor Bair (art director), Becca Bair (co-art director), Nick Wavle (composer), and Sarah Turner (narrative designer).

What platforms is Arcadian Atlas available on?

Arcadian Atlas is currently available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. There are also plans to release it on other platforms such as Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in the future.

How does gameplay work in Arcadian Atlas?

The gameplay in Arcadian Atlas revolves around turn-based battles on grid-based maps. Players control a squad of characters with their own unique abilities and skills. The strategy lies in positioning your units effectively while utilizing their skills to defeat enemies.

Can you tell me more about the story?

Arcadian Atlas follows the story of four heroes who find themselves caught up in a conflict for power over the land of Arcadia. As they journey through different regions and encounter various allies and adversaries, they uncover secrets that shape their understanding of this world’s history.

Are there character classes or advancement systems in Arcadian Atlans?

Yes, there are various character classes that players can choose from for their squad members. Each class has its own set of abilities and playstyle, allowing players to customize their team according to their preferred strategies. As characters gain experience through battles, they can level up and unlock new skills and abilities.

Is there multiplayer or online gameplay in Arcadian Atlas?

Arcadian Atlas is primarily a single-player game focused on the story-driven campaign. However, the developers have expressed an interest in adding multiplayer features if there is enough demand from the player community.

Where can I purchase Arcadian Atlas?

Arcadian Atlas can be purchased on various digital platforms such as Steam and The official website of Twin Otter Studios also provides links to purchase the game.

In summary, Arcadian Atlas is a strategy role-playing game developed by Twin Otter Studios with turn-based battles, a deep storyline set in the land of Arcadia, and customizable character classes. It provides an engaging single-player experience with plans for future multiplayer features. The game is currently available on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms with potential releases on other platforms in the future.

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  1. Arcadian Atlas is a hidden gem in the world of indie games. The strategic battles are challenging and require careful planning, while the storyline keeps you invested in the game. I appreciate the attention to detail and the passion that the developers at Twin Otter Studios have put into creating this game. It

  2. I was impressed by the developers behind Arcadian Atlas, Twin Otter Studios. They have done a fantastic job in creating this game. The art direction by Taylor Bair and Becca Bair is stunning, and the music composed by Nick Wavle adds depth to the gameplay. The narrative by Sarah Turner is also well-written and keeps you engaged throughout.

  3. Arcadian Atlas is an amazing strategy role-playing game that I highly recommend. The combination of intricate tactical battles and a captivating storyline set in the land of Arcadia creates a truly immersive gaming experience.

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