Where do you want to farm?

No matter what resources you are going to get, the best energy/loss ratio will always be the easiest chapter you can consistently go through. The only exception is Chapter 7, which gives fewer coins/equipping.

If you have a reserve of energy and are trying to maximize the number of resources lost per minute, here are the best chapters

  • Gems: Chapter 7
  • Equipment: Chapter 3 / Chapter 6 or Chapter 10
  • Gold: Chapter 3 / Chapter 6 or Chapter 10
  • Scrolls: Chapter 3 / Chapter 6 or Chapter 10
  • Traders: Farming is described in this guide.

How to farm?

Weapons: Your favorite weapon of the highest level. If you have high base damage, choose a weapon with higher attack speed, as this can reduce your running time.

Armor: Most players only have 1 high-level armor, and they must choose one to avoid losing too much health. If you are a high-level player, with a lot of basic health, I recommend using the Ghost Cloak, and freeze your enemies

Rings: You will not need extra health or a chance of evasion. The level of the ring does not matter, so choose Falcon or Wolf.

Pets: Doesn’t matter

Ability: Always ignore your defensive skills, as if you need additional protection to pass the selected chapter, it is better not to make a mess of this chapter. The best skill for farming is Ricochet.

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