Archero received an update 1.4.5, which added new equipment to the game – spell book. In this guide I made my rating of books, with a description of their characteristics.

Rating of spell books

A magic book that helps you learn new skills during a battle.
Rating:9.5 / 10
Basic effect: when the scale is full, you will get a new ability.

The Art of Fighting2
A book that contains the art of powerful combat.
Rating:8.5 / 10
Basic effect: when the scale is full, the projectile throwback effect will increase.

Mystery Archer3
A book that has all the skills and experience of an archer.
Rating:8 / 10
Basic effect: Increases attack power and speed.

The Kingdom of Ice4
A book that contains powerful ice magic.
Rating:7 / 10

Basic effect: Increases your attack and freezes surrounding enemies.

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