If you want to get a new Shari hero for free, you need to participate in a new event that will last until April 29, 2020. The whole process is described in detail below:

Firstly, follow this link and link your online profile to your Facebook, Line or Kakao social network account. Then click on the key and you will need to share the link that you will receive.

Archero - how to get the Shari hero for free.

Click the “Ask for help!” button and select the Twitter option to get the link (it’s the easiest way to get it, Facebook embeds it). Once you receive the link, you need someone else to use the link and repeat the same process. As soon as it happens, come back to the link, and you will be provided with the code that you need to enter in the game to get the Balls hero.

Note: the hero will appear in the next Archero update!

Follow these steps after the update is released:

Open the game
Go to Settings
Insert the code and press Enter!

If you have no one to share the link with, you can find people in Archero subdirectory who share the links. You can also go to SuperTeeds video on this topic, which allows people to leave their link in description.

Remember that a person can only open the chest once.

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Shari stats

Archero - how to get the Shari hero for free.

Attack: 168
Maximum health: 670
Unique skill: summons a thorn vine that attacks enemies.

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