Guns: your favorite (I’d choose Staff or Scythe).

Armor: Vest of Agility (gives 7% chance of evasion, which is better than any damage reduction).

Rings: Most people use Double Snake Rings starting from the Rare level because they give 7% chance of evasion. You can choose Double Wolf Rings to have a 10% chance of critical impact. You can combine items, but I would advise you to focus on defense (dodge) or offense (chance of critical kick or speed of attack), not both at the same time.

Pets: I use Bats because they face obstacles. Pets are useful if you have the Slave ability (pets protect you from enemy shells): in this case you must choose a pet that is very likely to come between you and your enemies.

Bracelet: Ice, because it’s the only bracelet that gives control to the crowd (freezing enemies when you enter the room). Often you can kill 1 or 2 enemies before they take the first step.

Medallion: The Dexterity Medallion increases the chance of evasion at low health. If you feel that you lack the effect of the Medallion of Agility, you can switch to the Angel Medallion, which gives a chance to survive a fatal blow and for a short time makes the hero immortal.

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