Archero has many ways to spend gems (emeralds, diamonds) and each leads to different strategies:

  • If you want to get all the items in the game, choose the gold chests, but it will take a long time
  • If you want to get an epic item as quickly as possible, it’s better to go to the dealer
  • If you want to focus on the main weapon and pump it up as quickly as possible, go to the dealer
  • If you want a super-powerful hero, exp Helix
  • If you want a bonus for all the heroes, exp Taranis

My tactics: I spent my gems on Helix, then I got a bonus from the heroes of Taranis, and the rest was spent on the merchant.


Purchase enough conventional and great weapons to get the epic = 3240 gems.
The epic price of this weapon from the trader is 3000 gems

Thus, buying epic equipment is cheaper, but only slightly and very rarely to get the epic item you need.

The fastest way to pharmacist:

  • Go through chapter 6 until you meet him (this is likely to be chapter 7).
  • After the meeting, go to the next level and immediately reboot the game. Twice (new method of rebooting from the moment of update). It is possible that you can stay with him in the room, but I have never tried.
  • Now keep playing. You can meet the seller again – I don’t have exact statistics, but after a double restart he comes back in about 70% of cases.
  • Every time you run into a seller, reboot the game twice and continue. You will meet him on chapter 7 and then on chapter 8 or 9.
  • So you can meet the merchant several times in the same game to save energy.

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