Archero Passage – Chapter 10

A key tactic in the ninth chapter of Archero is to reboot the bosses. Otherwise, it will be harder to get through.

The secret is to force the application to close. When you return to the game and confirm that you want to continue, you will find yourself in front of the door to the boss’s room. DO NOT go through the door – instead, forcibly close the app a second time. When you return to the game and resume passing, walk through the door and the other boss should be waiting for you. However, although the monster/boss will be restarted as new, your health will remain the same.


Giant Reaper (Step 5): If you just started chapter 10, you’d probably linger for a while; it was the boss who gave me the impression that I was stuck in that chapter for a long time.

Get on the opposite left/right wall from the boss, just above/below the line with him when he stops to attack. Once he fires the shells, go to the line where the boss is located (e.g. if you are standing 1-2 rows higher, move down).

This is the best position because as the projectiles move horizontally, they return to the boss and immediately disappear.

Be careful and don’t move too much during the boss attack, especially if you’re at close range, because one of the shells will hit you. To be safe, ideally run to the opposite wall so that you have the biggest space between each of the three projectiles.

If the boss’ shells ricochet from the corner right into you, you must get ahead of them and lean backwards, especially if you are pressed against the wall. It’s hard to explain (since then I have a feeling for the projectiles, which I can’t explain in words), but if you keep running in the same direction as the bouncing projectile, and the boss turns to you, the projectile will go back to the boss and is likely to hit you, especially if you are trapped by the wall

Double Giant Bombers (Steps 10/15): As enemy bombs move very slowly if you start at one wall and continue to move in a circle, you can dodge the horizontal fire because the projectiles won’t reach you on the opposite wall. Very similar to the strategy for the final boss in Chapter 8.

Just make sure the bombs are in the air, and don’t stay in the middle of the map too long – otherwise the bombs will explode in the middle, and the horizontal flame will reach both the left and right walls.

If you see a lot of bombs going in your direction, then you need to start actively avoiding the circle again.

If there is a pause during the bombing (i.e. you don’t see bombs pointing in your direction), stand still and gain power to strike in a second.

If you have a braid, you can throw the boss back into the corner. Because of this, projectiles will stay in the air longer before exploding on the ground, giving you more time to attack and then evade.

Double blue flying beetles (Stages 10/15): this is the boss I always restarted. He’s got me on a lot of nerves in chapter 9, and now there are two of them… If you have a battle strategy with him, please share in the comments.

Final boss Dragon (Step 20): Stand in the lower left corner, as in Chapter 3 and Chapter 6. You may have to move a bit sometimes, so just focus. You cannot die here because a) it will take forever to get back to Step 20, and b) because it would be a careless and stupid mistake.

Exploding fragments do not necessarily fly in your direction. Duck slightly between the projectiles from the angle mentioned above

Two or three lines of jumping fragments do not necessarily fly in your direction. Sometimes the space between each line of fragments is very narrow. I’ve never seen this before, but I think it’s better to completely destroy the line of shells because it’s long enough and the next rounds will definitely hit you.

Where rain droplets fall, weak circles appear on the ground for a while, so be sure to watch them (at least when the boss does not attack).

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