This is a guide to chapter twelve of Archero, which is not very difficult and should not be a problem.

Recommended equipment
Rings: Most enemies are terrestrial, so choose Snake + Bear or even Double Bear.
Weapons: Most enemies are Towers that don’t move, but they have a lot of health. Scythe or Tornado is the right fit to pass.

Recommended skills

Archero Passage - Chapter 12

All bosses have crazy amounts of health, so be patient. There are 3 bosses in stages 10, 20 and 30. In stages 10 and 20, they are replaceable.

A tower with three elements
Easiest boss ever. It’s just one tower that constantly switches between the elements of lightning, fire and ice. Launches a lot of shells, but you can just stay at the bottom and aside.

Big tower
The heaviest boss who shoots lasers either diagonally or horizontally and vertically. In addition, it generates mobs. There are always three of them: a melee bat, a purple electro-ghost and a ghost bomber. The last enemy is a problem because he can stay in the other side of the room and throw bombs at you all the time.

The tactic is as follows: Stay in the lower left or lower right corner, focus on dodging bombs and don’t forget about lasers.

The final boss.
A double version of the lightest boss. This means that you will be hit by a lot of shells, but again, you can basically stay at the bottom and aside.

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