A guide to chapter 13 of Archero, which has 7 different bosses. You will meet five of them, and only the final boss is static; the other bosses are interchangeable, so you can reboot them.


An updated version of the final boss of chapter seven.


Firing 6 shells in all directions.

Shooting a ball that explodes on contact with it.

He disappears and fires six shells again.

Flaming Pig


Shoots fireballs in 3 directions, the middle line is directed at you. 1-2 balls per line.

Shoots a long line of fireballs (5 balls).

Slips around the room (easy to dodge)



Calls for large projectiles at the edges of the room that start flying into the center.

Calls for small projectiles moving vertically or horizontally

Shoots shells in a straight line.


The easiest of the new bosses. Just keep your distance, and you’ll be fine.


Bounces off like the boss Tree, and when it hits back.

Fires 5 rounds of projectiles at your side, which are fired by a fan.

Shoots a large projectile, which at some point breaks down into smaller ones. The smaller projectiles have a trajectory similar to that of the Scarecrow.

Firebug / Bee

It looks like the Ice Beetle in chapter nine, but it’s also fiery. Creates smaller beetles that break up into bees, so I don’t know if it’s a bug or a bee. It’s best to stay close to the boss because as soon as you see the shells, you can dodge right away.


Shoots three fireballs in your direction that set the ground on fire. It can be hard to duck at first.

It creates another fire beetle that breaks into two bees after death. At the moment of splitting, it fires additional projectiles, so try to keep your distance.

Slightly retreats back (charged), and then quickly moves on you, leaving behind a burning trail (as the last boss in Chapter 11).

Giant tentacle

Probably the most difficult boss in Chapter 13: many claim to be the most difficult boss in the game. In my opinion, it’s not that complicated, it just requires a lot of practice.


Appears from under the ground, shoots a spiral of shells and goes back into the ground.

Small tentacles appear from under the ground and do the same (you can’t attack them).

Above all, stay as calm and patient as possible. The boss always shows up next to you, and if you panic, you can easily take damage. Here’s my tactic:

When he shows up, I move a little away from him, find a gap between the two shells and stand there, dealing as much damage as possible per second until the boss is buried in the ground. When little tentacles appear, I run as fast as possible to the gap between the shells and stand there until the boss shows up again. Thus, I have a short period of time to get away from the boss when he appears, before the shell can get to me. Then I go through the shells again and repeat the process.

It’s very illogical to just stand there because you know that the boss will be close to you, but that reduces the risk of colliding with him and the need to change direction. Just stay calm and practice.

Final boss

To be honest, I was pretty disappointed to see that the final boss was just an improved version of the boss of chapter five, but at least he has a powerful new attack.


Coming to you, waving his claws every three steps.

Clap his claws, pointing a shock wave in your direction.

Waving your claws, creating a fan of fire shells that fly right at you. It’s only 3 swings.

Jumping in your direction, creating fire squares in a 5×5 square with it in the center…

The first two attacks have been known since Chapter 5, and it’s very easy to evade them just by bypassing them. I should add that it is easier to dodge the first attack if you are standing in line with it, parallel to one of the 4 walls.

It is also quite easy to dodge the third attack, as the shells are small and fly with large gaps. If you are not caught by surprise, everything will be fine.

Its reinforced jump attack is very powerful, and most of the time you will die from it. The 5×5 square is huge and can take up most of the room width. If the boss jumps several times in a row, he can corner you. To reduce the attack power, try to stay close to walls or even corners. This way, most of his flames will appear outside the room and will not hurt you. You should always try to stay on the same horizontal or vertical level as the boss, clinging to the walls. This way, you may still need a few tries, but after a little training, you can go through this chapter.

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