Armor: the first place is taken by the Vest of dexterity and the second place by the epic Mantle of the abyss with poisoning effect (especially if you have a lot of attacks).

Pets: I used the Bat.

Rings: Wolf (level 20+ Helix) or Bear/Snake or Falcon. Most of the hard bosses in this chapter are ground-based, so here you’ll need the power of the Bear ring (improving your health won’t hurt either). The Snake Ring gives you a percentage of evasion and is good at dealing with the most annoying projectile enemies. However, with the correction of the critical blow and the arrival of Helix in the game, the best choice is the Wolf Ring, even if you don’t care about damage in close combat.

Guns: Bow/Scythe. If you have a legendary weapon, I think that a bow is the best. As a rule, if you have problems with mobs, Scythe will be fine, and if you can’t kill the boss, it’s better to take the bow. If you don’t need to move at all, Scythe has a small advantage in terms of damage per second, but if you need mobility, I think you should take a bow.

Recommended abilities (for scythe and bow)
Level S (mandatory): Ricochet, Front Arrows, Multi-shot, Rage, Rising Crit

Level A (very strong): Attack gain, headshot, Star of invincibility

Level B (good): Winged Man, Dwarf, Improved Health, Ripping Walls, Increased Attack Speed / Rage, Slow Shot

Useless skills: All pet reinforcements (except freezing), Side arrows, All spinning circles, and swords, Death Bomb

Tips for passing through.
Try to do daily quests at approximately the same time every day. I do 5 spins of the wheels after killing the boss (in chapter 7), then I open the Golden Chest so that I have a timer when they are both active again.

It is best to spend gems on Helix. If you are buying chests, choose Obsidian.

To increase coins farm, go to the last level you passed and play on it, or at least rotate the wheel. With this method, you can simply convert all your excess energy into experience/coin points.

Example: I bought talents, then weapons, then I spent as many coins on scrolls (I have 66666 scrolls with weapons, 7044 armor, 6206 scrolls with rings and 7215 scrolls with animals) and finally, to improve the hero.

To increase the gemstones farm, go to chapter 7 with your best equipment and start cleaning. Compared to the other chapters, the seventh stage will take half as long to complete and you’ll end up getting more than 10 stones in one cycle.

To increase the number of falling out items, go to the chapter with the minion waves, which you can quickly clear (I used chapter 6).

Bosses in the second half of the chapter

Double electric pigs
The goal is to move as little as possible in battles with bosses. You should try to choose the point where the shells do not reach and stay there.

Perfectly, you should stay on the same side for as long as possible so that the bosses stay there too (preferably to your left). I prefer to be at the bottom left wall, and then when the bosses are approaching too close, I run up along the right wall to the top wall, and then I become near the corner of the top left wall. I stay there until it becomes too difficult to dodge, then I go back to the first point.

If you have good damage per second, you can stay at the bottom wall for as long as you can and kill 1 of the bosses, and then the battle will be much easier.

Double boss
My strategy was to stick closer to the center of the back wall (avoiding side walls because arrows moving horizontally are confusing). Then shoot several times, and as soon as the red line disappears, dodge the projectile at the very last second. Remember where the future danger zones are and stay away from them. Repeat until the bosses die.

Final boss.
This boss has four moves:

  1. Skeleton call
  2. 3 waves of stone projectiles
  3. Kneels down and heals
  4. Loads the weapon and swings it around (with a fire track behind it)

The first 3 movements you can dodge and maximize your damage. If the boss is between moves, maximize the distance between him and you, and then you must move to the boss perpendicular to the line so that you do not have to react to his 4 movements.


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