Ark: Survival Ascended best settings

Ark: Survival Evolved is a popular survival game that offers players the chance to explore and tame a vast, dinosaur-filled world. As with any game, optimizing your settings can greatly enhance your gaming experience. In this article, we will discuss the best settings for Ark: Survival Evolved.

Graphics Settings

  • Resolution: Choose a resolution that matches your monitor’s native resolution for optimal performance.
  • Graphics Quality: Set this to ‘Epic’ if you have a high-end gaming PC. Otherwise, select ‘High’ or ‘Medium’ for better performance.
  • Terrain Shadows: Disable this setting to gain some extra FPS.
  • Lens Flares and Bloom: These effects can be disabled to improve performance without sacrificing visual quality significantly.

User Interface (UI) Settings

  • Show Floating Damage Text: Disable this setting if you find the floating damage numbers distracting.
  • Show Map Player Location: Enable or disable as per personal preference. It helps when playing with others online but can be turned off in single-player mode.

In-Game Audio Settings

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  1. I found this article on optimizing Ark: Survival Evolved settings really helpful. As a player, I always want to have the best gaming experience possible, and tweaking the graphics settings can make a big difference. The suggestion to choose a resolution that matches my monitor

  2. I recently started playing Ark: Survival Evolved and was looking for ways to improve my graphics settings. This article came at the perfect time! The recommendation to choose a resolution that matches my monitor

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