Wanguard (wg/vanguard)
Close combat operators are most likely to be able to hold 1 or 2 enemies. Usually, the defense parameter is higher than that of the Guardian, and attacks are lower.
They are among the first to land on the battlefield due to their low cost and ability to quickly replenish their landing points, which allows the player to deploy basic forces faster.

Hybrid tank and Damager, most often have attacking or intensifying their attacking abilities.
It can hold from 1 to 3 enemies.

Tank (defender)
Close combat agents, most often capable of holding up to 3 enemies at a time. They also have their own subclasses.

Have plenty of health and armor, but do not deal enough damage. Usually used as a primary deterrent on the front lines.

Unique close combat agents with a wide variety of skills that can be used in a variety of situations.
Their abilities include repulsion, attraction, area damage, stun, invisibility, etc.

Shooter (Sniper)
Long-range combat agents, usually acting as unit DPS (those who deal the most damage) on a team, are extremely effective against enemies with low armor.
They have low hp and low armor, as do all long-range operators.
Their possible skills include: slowing down, reducing armor, shooting multiple enemies at once, etc.

Caster (Magician)
Operators of long-distance combat, inflicting magical damage.
Good against heavily armored enemies, in their arsenal can be: the slowdown, treatment of allies, damage to the area, the imposition of effects that take away the enemy’s rn over time (burning the enemy himself, igniting the area next to the enemy), etc..

Restores health to the agents (within range) that have been damaged.
Usually have the ability to heal, such as: calling Drones to the battlefield, which also heal your team, instant recovery of part of the health of a member of the squad, strengthening its own chill from an auto-attack, etc.

Long range agents with a wide variety of abilities.
Their abilities include: slowing down, summoning their own support units (summons) on the battlefield, various types of enemy weakening (debuffs), strengthening allies (buffs), etc.

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