We tell you how to solve the puzzle while passing one of the storyline quests of Asgard.

In Asgard you will get after the arrival of Valka and the construction of her house. Gather the thistle on the Dream World quest and drink the potion to get to Asgard. Go through a couple of tasks until the “Dream World” quest begins.

In the depth of the cave you will find a puzzle with a ray of light. You need to make sure that two rays hit two mirrors in the center of the location. But by default there is only one ray. First, move to the sphere from which the light comes. Aim it at the mirror located under the ceiling in the next room. After that the mirror beam will be divided into two rays.

Move to the well in the center, where there are two mirrors to which the light should be applied. There is a sphere and you can move it. Move it so that it is opposite one of the mirrors (by default, it stands on the side of it).

Now move it to the sphere near the entrance from where you came in. Aim the light from one of the spheres at the sphere you have just moved. The light from this sphere should reflect directly on the mirror at the well with the barrier in the center. If the light passes the mirror, you have to move the sphere slightly.

Get to the second laser near the entrance and point the light at the adjacent sphere where it is not yet on. From this sphere, point the light at the second mirror in the center. If the light falls on both mirrors, the barrier will disperse and you can go down.

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