Atari’s gaming console is at its final stage of production

The Atari VCS gaming console is in its final stages of production. This was told by Chief Operating Officer Michael Arzt.

The launch of Atari VCS has been delayed several times already – this March the release was delayed for a whole year. In due time this news has disturbed those who have financed the project. Michael Artst reassured the customers, saying that the production is in its final stages, and also shared the images of the first consoles, which are due to go on sale in March 2020.

Artst also said that everyone who supported the project on Indiegogo, in addition to the console itself will receive a bonus for their patience.

According to preliminary data, Atari VCS will be sold at a price of $250-300. In March, the creators improved the console’s filling by replacing components with 14nm AMD Ryzen processor and Vega graphics.

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