Battle Breakers. Guide and strategies for beginners

Epic Games has released a completely new turn-based strategy with RPG elements called Battle Breakers. We’ve already played and prepared tips and strategies for beginners at Battle Breakers to help you get started faster.

Like many other games in this genre, the game has a lot of features to collect a variety of heroes to fight monsters and enemies, and we’ve already written a guide about the best character for newbies, but in the meantime let’s take a look at the full tips for beginners in Battle Breakers.

Tips and strategies for beginners at Battle Breakers

In Battle Breakers, you need to assemble a team of heroes to help you capture territory across the map. You’ll start with one initial hero, then go through a bunch of levels and capture territory, and start earning hammers that you can use to unlock new heroes.

How the battle works in the game

Most of the gameplay is step-by-step fighting. If you’re not looking for a fight, the battles will start automatically in the game. You need to destroy gems that contain enemies or home treasures. Each enemy can conduct some elementary attack, so choose a hero who has an elementary advantage over them.

You have to fight heroes whose colors match the tiles on the battlefield if you want to use some amplification in the middle of a battle. Each click on a tile changes color, so that a character of the same color will receive an increase in damage, as well as some health and mana regeneration.

Which class of heroes to choose

The first decision you make after the training will be decisive. You need to choose one of the three unique characters you played to become your starter. These are Tessa, Laric, and May.

Each of them demonstrates their skills with a certain element and weapon, so each of them is unique in their own way. Get to know each of your strengths, and then choose the one you want. We wrote more about the heroes in Battle Breakers in a different guide.

How to Unlock New Heroes

You can unlock and get new heroes in Battle Breakers by going through certain steps or raising the level. Some may even be part of your daily rewards. The most expensive, but the easiest way to get your heroes is to spend the diamonds in the store to buy them.

Use the hammer to break the crystal when possible and you will open a new hero. The more heroes you have at your disposal, the better your team will be. The star rating of each hero helps to understand how strong or weak he is. We recommend using those that have more stars.

Focus on lvling your best heroes

XP points are not limitless, so try to go as long as possible without wasting them. This allows you to choose from a larger number of heroes and gradually choose which one is best. These are usually the ones that have more stars, so focus more on their use.

Challenge for a new player

If you want to start a little from the beginning, you should try this constant call. You have 8 stages of testing that require you to perform certain tasks in exchange for some really cool rewards. As a result, you get a small advantage in learning the basics of gameplay.

This challenge is only open for two weeks before it disappears, so make time for it.

How to position the heroes correctly

It’s very important to have the right heroes. You need to develop a strategy if you want to succeed during the battles at Battle Breakers. Your focus should be on pumping your muscles forward to deal huge damage, while some of your long-range heroes are there to help. For this reason, place your best tank class heroes in the front row to deal some damage in close combat, and in the second row, hold your heroes with a long-range weapon.

Your commanding officer can be a great help to your team by providing them with a huge buff. That is why it is important that you choose him very wisely. You can change your location at any time by checking your team’s configuration.

Perform quests to raise the level

Every time you unlock and move to a new building, you have the option of getting some new privileges. You get free rewards very often, which helps to raise the level of heroes. For this reason, we recommend that you build and visit these buildings as often as possible to receive awards from Battle Breakers.

Battles with bosses

Battle Breakers has battles with bosses, most often its high-level characters with a high level of health. They also get support from their minions during battles with you, so you need to focus on killing the minions first. Focus your attacks on destroying these smaller characters until only your team and boss are left. This helps to make the fight much less restless.

If necessary, use the special items you will find during these battles to help your team survive longer.

Reassigning Skills Points

You can assign Skills Points to two skills in Battle Breakers. You can increase your protection, attack, health, etc. You can easily reassign these points by clicking on the button that shows the current player level and selecting “Respec”. However, if you find yourself regretting yo choices, you can easily reassign these points by clicking on the button that shows the current player level and selecting “Respec”. You can now adjust the skill points to your liking.

That’s where we have all the tips for beginners in Battle Breakers. Just remember these tips and you’ll get an advantage while you’re passing.

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