5×5 mode in “shooters” is considered a classic – top titles try to maintain this balance of power for a long time, and only the last few years, developers are trying to move in the direction of 6×6 battles. The most famous project in this format is Overwatch, and the success of the game attracts other developers to create a “like him”. And let the Blizzard shooter itself can not be called a full-fledged trendsetter, there are more followers on the market, and Battle Prime for iOS causes about such associations. Though someone will draw an analogy with Battlefield, for example, but it is only because of appearance. And maybe it’s because of the name.

Battle Prime release date

The game appeared in beta mode on July 25, 2019, but the global release is better to start counting from December 6, 2019. Let me explain it by the fact that the developers have launched a full-fledged battle pass for the game, and Battle Prime started the first season, so it is logical to start counting from December date.

Where to download Battle Prime

Traditionally, this level of secrets can be found both in Google Play and the App Store (link in description). However, some people are wondering if it is possible to play Battle Prime via emulator. A logical question, by the way – a certain part of players prefer to play through the emulator, but the mobile game to be able to cheat and have an advantage over their opponents. In PUBG Mobile, by the way, emulators are rigidly filtered by means of constant check of logs by Tencent, and those who want to cheat, will play with the same kind. It is explained quite simply – it turns out that such players want to just fill themselves with achieves, and on the phone to play uncomfortable (or not possible). But on popular emulators like Bluestacks or Gameloop support Battle Prime is not.

How to play in Battle Prime

Define the gameplay as a “mobile 6×6 shooter with instant respiration”, which enhances the similarity with Overwatch. We select a character (one of the seven) and begin to fight with opponents. At first, along with normal players will get bots, but the higher your rank, the more strong players will appear on the map. There are two game modes so far – “who will kill faster” and “capture point”. The first one is not so exciting, because the game turns into a simple slaughterhouse without special tactics. The second variant is more interesting because there are 3 points, and your first point is respawn, the second – a draw, the third – the opponent’s respawn. Accordingly, you will always fight for the second point – and that’s where the place for strategy appears. The game is difficult to communicate, so success will depend only on skill.

Battle Prime - full game guide

And a little bit about control at once – we run with the joystick on the left, on the right we have a “head rotation” area with interface elements. Here we have a button to shoot, aim, reload, squat and jump, as well as skills – depending on the selected character “ultimate” will change. There is nothing else on the game screen, and good – it would be superfluous. Oh, yes, I almost forgot about the card – it’s here too, and I strongly recommend watching it.

Battle Prime - full game guide

Characters in Battle Prime

As I said before, there are 7 characters in the game that you will receive either for Luttleboxes or for reaching a certain level (including if you purchased a premium subscription). Among them:

Shock – uses tactical grenades that stun (inhibit) an opponent.

Vityaz – can activate an extra armor layer

Vision – sets a motion sensor that determines the location of the enemy and you can see your enemies (although they are already visible on the map, this is a legal wallhack).

Quarterback – starts the Touchdown system, which allows you to move more quickly around the location, shoot more accurately (with less recoil) and make it immune to contusions.

Blast – uses grenades that in an explosion are divided into mini grenades.

Poison – Throwing poison grenades, the more active the enemy moves, the more damage it deals to itself Isotope – Carries a small nuclear reactor and detonates it as needed.

How to win at Battle Prime

I found some “tricks” that will help you be more effective in combat and I’m in a hurry to share them:

Look at the movements of your enemies.

The feature of the mini-map is that you can see how your enemies move. Compare this with what you see on the screen – your opponents are indicated by red arrows, and you don’t even need “X-ray vision” to determine their location. Go ahead – catch the prefixes, shoot from a distance. If you have a large concentration of enemies, go around to the back or side, do not standstill.

Learn to shoot.

The game has a kickback, which brings an element of comp – you need to be able to control weapons to effectively shoot with the enemies. Although it is not as complex as in CS:GO – the weapon just rises up with the spray, so you need to lower the scope all the time to hit the opponents’ figures. Learn how to shoot with your scope – it’s a very cool skill that allows you to catch all enemies from cover and be out of reach.


Do not stand still in a firefight – move left and right to make it harder for the enemy to hit. I’m not sure if there are any hitboxes in the game or not (please unsubscribe in the comments), but it seems that when you shoot at the head is increased damage. In general, to hit your figure will be harder. You don’t need to shoot from a squat – the weapon shoots equally precise and equally intensely in the shoulder.

Battle Prime - full game guide

Download weapons and characters.

The game is free, which means you’ll still be forced to pay. And the best way is, of course, pumping weapons and characters. As it turned out, it is a very important game aspect, because you can noticeably stabilize your weapon with compensators and buttstocks (hello PUBG), increase the health of your character and so on. So don’t forget about pumping.

НI would like to say that Battle Prime is a revelation, especially since it doesn’t correspond to some high paired epithets that are in the application description. But, nevertheless, it is an interesting online shooter, which quite replaces other shooters, and it has short game sessions, not as an example of the same PUBG Mobile. He has a good rating and a great community – you will find the game in less than 10 seconds, which also pleased. In short, try it.

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