Before the release of the update 5.2, the creators of Battlefield V said that the main reason for the people left to play in matches was the “time to kill” (TTK).
As Polygon notes, many players are sure that the TTK in the shooter is the most balanced part of it, while the developers doubt it. They wanted to change the parameter a year ago, but then it led to a big scandal, which brought everything back to normal.
DICE is sure that the key reason why players can leave the game in the middle of the match is that they can’t figure out where the murder came from – without the chance to answer the opponent. Since Battlefield is considered a realistic shooter, at least from the visual side, visibility is a big problem.
According to the developers, the death from a submachine gun, which was a hundred meters away, causes frustration, because such a weapon should not kill at such a great distance – it is designed for close combat.
The problem with balancing the weapon is that the starting weapon must be powerful enough for beginners to run with it on an equal footing with experienced players who have newer guns but must not have an ultimatum barrel.
So far, DICE hasn’t found a solution to the problem, but it’s faced with another one as well – the basic gameplay of Battlefield V doesn’t satisfy the audience of the project anymore. According to the polls, the players were satisfied with the gameplay on the release, and during the year the situation changed dramatically – now most of them are indignant.
According to the developers, shooting and everything related to weapons is done well, but the shooter’s gameplay hasn’t changed for a year, and the players want more new content along with gameplay updates, which were practically absent during the year.
Since the next Battlefield will be released from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023, DICE still has a lot of time to support a fifth of the various updates.

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