Battles For Glory 2 – a multiplayer online role-playing game based on the familiar LineAge 2, but underwent a huge change that started in 2007.

BSFG 2 – a world of battle for glory, a world of confrontation between races that once inhabited the continent and started a war over territory. From dawn until the full moon, the bloody battles for the outposts and cities, artifacts and bastions continue, but even at the end of the battle there is no peace. The bosses who have conquered the continent are yet another stumbling block between races and only the strongest representatives of their peoples, united in communities called guilds, will retain the right of absolute domination on the map of the continent.

Each race is different, and one should not underestimate the opponent by looking only at his appearance. Empire – people who have preserved the human image to this day. Despite thousands of years of struggle, they still follow traditions and maintain a balance between power and defense characteristics. Alliance – light elves settled in dense forests and fertile fields, and as a result, their agility and speed began to prevail over strength characteristics. The Dominion is the dark elves, the exact opposite of the Alliance. Their monasteries were bloody necropolises and catacombs, and the dark elves themselves, used to do justice to the disobedient, have found great strength, but conceded in speed. The Horde are fierce and formidable Orcs. The swamps and eternal mud around have led to the fact that the representatives of this race have become much more resilient, but their resistance to magic with each millennium decreased. A Union – Strong and wiry dwarfs from the snow-capped mountains, with amazing protection and survivability, although inferior in other indicators, have always been unwanted enemy on the battlefield! And finally, the Legion is the Kamaels, the angels who were thrown from heaven for patronizing people and lost one wing. Their characteristics are not accidental similar to the Empire, because they were side by side with them for a long time.

6 factions unique in their politics and fighting, where everyone can find what he likes!

Battles For Glory - best pvp MMORPG

Whether it’s an old grenadier’s shotgun or a light and sharp as the sting of a rapier that has defeated hundreds of dragons, or the ancient magic of the dragon-dwellers, accessible only to the darkest magicians, the secrets of building battle golems or the mysteries of the Great Oak – it does not matter, here anyone can find their destiny!

Battles For Glory 2 is a whole universe that will allow you to see the whole game in a new way. What do you see yourself as? A wanderer who has seen hundreds of locations and defeated every creature on the continent, or a peaceful blacksmith who has learned the secrets of creating the best equipment? Or maybe you are a natural alchemist or a skilled thief? The world of Battles For Glory lets you try on any hide! It’s a world in which you can be both an ordinary soldier on the battlefield and an outstanding commander, whose competent instructions can affect the outcome of the battle.

Battles For Glory - best pvp MMORPG

But not so fast, my dear friend. Let’s take a little tour of history, so to speak, back to the roots…

The first settlements of each race were founded thousands of years ago, the so-called capitals. Since then, the hearth of the house warmed every warrior and gave strength and hope to go to another battle. It is in the capital that you will be able to relax and taste the potions of alchemist, take new tasks from the locals, practice martial arts and magic from the master or just have a nice time with your comrades-in-arms. You can make new friends, or maybe make enemies, who knows… But if I were you, I’d stop by the Alchemist’s and ask him about new tasks, believe me, it won’t be too much trouble. And don’t forget to go to the elective place, because a lot can depend on your voice. Or maybe you yourself will dare to run for Leaders of the Race, as you get strong enough and gain experience.

Battles For Glory - best pvp MMORPG

As a disciple is dependent on his master, so the whole race cannot do without a ruler, or as they are called in BSFG – Race Leader. It is he who has a secret magic that allows you to create a portal in space and move not that the character, no, an entire race from the capital to the battlefield. And if there are too many enemies – and call all like-minded people to the fight!

Twice a month by universal voting the leader is elected, who next 15 days will have to carry the banner of his race to victory. This burden is very heavy, so 3 more helpers – Archons and a faithful servant of the race – Titan will share it with him. If both the Race Leader and the Archons can call upon the race and put up portals, then the call of Titan is an incredibly difficult task and only the Leader can handle it. Each race has its own unique Titan, but their mechanics are absolutely identical. To come and destroy the enemy’s structures is his main task. But do not rejoice early, his power is not infinite and should be used only for its intended purpose.

Battles For Glory - best pvp MMORPG

Already with the creation of the character player gets a choice of pumping the character – the battle with the monsters, the execution of the storyline tasks or the siege of the fortress. On the latter, you can fully break into the world of battles and start earning your first salary. Later, the siege – an integral part of the game. In addition to the rapid movement around the world, the player will be able to exchange earned wages for useful items and elements of combat awards, greatly enhancing the character. Awards for military service, the drugs of various reinforcements, books of knowledge and points hero, and most importantly – the desire for battle and revenge, endless battles and the joy of great victories – that’s what waged each war again and again on the battlefield!

However, for any battle requires careful preparation. To learn the special skills of the profession – contact the Delegate. He will send you on a reconnaissance mission, after the successful completion of which you will be awarded the Delegate’s recommendation and the Master will be happy to teach you new techniques. Don’t you like running around the continent looking for a place to make a fire? Not a problem! Talk to a Delegate when you reach level 50 and complete the ‘Lookout Tower’ task chain – this makes it much easier to get a recommendation from a Delegate and therefore brings you closer to absolute knowledge!

You’ll need gold to learn skills or buy equipment, and the more you get, the better! There are plenty of ways to earn money in the game: everyone knows the farm, collecting resources and сraft, escorting and robbing caravans, market trade, potioning (or so-called Alchemy), Rift (analogue of Tower Defense), hunting for mini and Pit bosses and much more!

A hundred pages is not enough to describe all that awaits the player in the world of Battles For Glory 2. From the talent system to the Grandmaster quest, from small parties to majestic guilds with palaces and castles, from shabby rags to Krigossus’ gold armor, from an ordinary warrior to the leader of the race.

Are you not afraid to be part of this bloodthirsty world? Then join us and be one of the best, be the best!

Win your Battle of Glory!

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