Survival games continue to grow in popularity, and it makes sense. From the very beginning of our existence the struggle for survival was the basis of human experience. And why not adopt this experience in a virtual form? So here are the best and most expected Survival games of the genre – Survival in 2020.

Best and most expected Survival games – Survival in 2020

Dying Light 2

Developer: Techland

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release date: 2020

A sequel to the sensational Dying Light. From what we’ve seen, the sequel will still use parkour elements, advanced artificial intelligence and, of course, pumped RPG elements, which made the first part of the series so successful.

The events of Dying Light 2 take place 15 years after the original. However, this time we are going to get acquainted with the new protagonist. Setting is a huge open world called The City, which is four times bigger than the card of the first game.

In addition, Techland promises an advanced ecosystem and improved interaction with the world. And although we don’t know exactly what that means yet, it sounds great, and we can’t wait to find out more.

The Last of Us: Part 2

Developer: Naughty Dog

Platforms: PS4

Release date: May 2020

Sequel is one of the best survival games ever created, with events unfolding in a similar post-apocalyptic environment. This time the adult Ellie seems to be in the spotlight, though, as the developers say, Joel is more than just a background character.

Naughty Dog promises an advanced graphics engine that forms the basis for The Last of Us Part 2, as well as a number of new types of enemies to fight. From what we know at this point in time, our journey will take place in Seattle, Washington, and the fact that Halley Gross, co-author of Westworld, is working on the plot.

You can be sure and expect another strong impression from the next single game Naughty Dog. According to reports, unlike the first game, the sequel will not have a multiplayer mode.

Last Oasis

Developer: Donkey Crew

Platforms: PC

Release date: N/A

A multiplayer project about the survival of nomads wandering the sunburned world after the Earth mysteriously ceased to rotate. These nomads are hiding from the light, traveling in huge wooden cars that act as mobile bases.

The cataclysm has destroyed many living creatures, turning once-prosperous territories into giant deserts and ice mines. And only a thin strip of space between them, consisting of oases, can support life.

Playing alone or in a group, gamers must survive and fight with the warring factions, waging an eternal struggle for resources and territory. It will also be possible to build bases and make equipment, protecting themselves from invaders or fighting on enemy bases.

AWAY: The Survival Series

Developer: Breaking Walls

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release date: N/A

This is not the first time players can see the world through the eyes of an animal. But this is definitely the first time that players can control so many animals.

First of all – to control the sugar marsupial flying. You can take this curious little creature on a trip through the Canadian desert and explore its amazingly diverse flora and fauna. There’s also a change of perspective.

At the moment, the following species of animals have been confirmed for play: lizards, deer, crabs, foxes and praying mantis.

The Eternal Cylinder

Developer: Ace Team

Platforms: PC

Release date: N/A

An ambitious adventure game about survival in a huge sandbox, which will send us on a journey through fantastic worlds, full of amazing mutations.

In The Eternal Cylinder, we take control of a herd of alien creatures called Trebums that explore a strange and exotic universe. The planet is under constant threat from the Cylinder, a massive rotating structure that crushes everything in its path.

The game will showcase a unique ecosystem with massive, procedurally-generated terrain. The world is designed in such a way that you will never have two identical passages.

Digimon Survive

Developer: Witchcraft

Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Release date: N/A

The game tells the story of a group of teenagers led by Takuma Momotsuka, who must survive in the virtual world of monsters and find their way home.

There will be a lot of difficult choices on the way. In the process of making difficult decisions, players can lose even some of the characters, making the wrong one. Because of this, this project will have several endings and dozens of ways to develop digimons.

The game will feature about 100 game monsters, and step-by-step battles will be similar to the combat system of Final Fantasy Tactics.


Developer: Phobia Game Studio

Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Release date: 2020

It’s a very unusual Survival-Horror project. And instead of the victim setting puts players in the skin of monsters. Your task – on a scientific base, on which unfold events, staying alive long enough to kill your captors, sow fear and panic.

In the role of an alien creature that escapes from its cage, players squeeze through the air ducts and begin to pursue through narrow corridors. Gradually the creature becomes more and more destructive, becoming more powerful.

Initially, Carrion was presented at E3 2019 and received enthusiastic reviews from those who saw it live.


Developer: Killerwhale

Platforms: PC

Release date: N/A

RPG-survival in the open world, combining elements of GTA Online and RUST with an emphasis on social structures and increased realism.

Players will act on behalf of the citizens of the island nation, where they will be offered a wide range of gaming opportunities, including land ownership, control of airspace, participation in the development of water transport, private business and, of course, violation of the law through criminal life.

In general, it is an online version of real-life for those who want to spend some time on a virtual island, without leaving the cozy room.


Developer: VeCube

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release date: N/A

A new survival game on the Carpathian Mountains from the Polish studio VeCube. The project is based on Unreal Engine 4 and promises realistic graphics.

In a plane crash, the protagonist of Odludzhi is away from civilization. Deep in the Carpathian forest, he has to rely solely on his skills. As with other Survival games like The Forest, his strength and stamina diminish, forcing him to get food as well as build shelters.

Players will be able to create primitive tools and improve them in order to get even more and better food. In addition to the standard set of survival elements, the game will also feature various puzzles.


Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Platforms: PC, Xbox One

Release date: N/A

Recently announced at the Microsoft X02019 event in London, a project by Obsidian, developers of The Outer Worlds and Fallout: New Vegas.

The game’s functionality is focused on four characters in cooperative mode. For example, one person sketches a building, while others start and finish building it. Every creature in the game, up to the last insect, has unique behavior that changes depending on your actions. For example, destroying all the aphids in one area will cause the ladybugs to migrate to other areas.

In addition, the Сraft system in the game is based on objects that are naturally generated in the world. Once you have collected the necessary ingredients, you can scrub a gas mask and visit previously inaccessible biomes with poisonous atmosphere, which already adds elements of metroidism to the game.

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