The Battle Royal genre really became a trend after it started gaining popularity in 2017. First PUBG appeared, because of which the players tried to kill each other and take the first place. Then Fortnite came out and it is still the most popular game in the genre, even in spite of a similar competitor as Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment. As you could guess in 2020 some games in genre will also appear. We will tell you about the best of them.

Best 2020 Battle Royales


Valhall is a promising new Battle Royal in the Viking world. The server is designed for games from fifty players, where users will have to get closer to their opponents to win. The story is that players will have to take Odin’s sword and stop the upcoming apocalypse. But the most exciting thing about Valhall is the Wield Mjolnir mode, where players will have to find the legendary Mjolnir to defeat others.

Valhall will be released in Steam Early Access in 2020, with no exact release date. There are no details about how the game will be released on other platforms.


Spellbreak is an attempt by Epic Games to release another crushing Battle Royal after Fortnite started slowly losing its popularity. The action of the game takes place in a magical world, where magic and spells will help you to fight against other users. If you want – send fireballs to the enemies, if you want – use the protective spell to reduce the damage. Spellbreak is now only available as a closed alpha.

Spellbreak’s closed beta test will take place in spring on PlayStation 4.

Dying Light Bad Blood

Dying Light Bad Blood has already been released early, and now there is no official release date, but we can assume that it will happen in 2020. At the moment the game is available only on PC, but it is also planned a port on the console. Dying Light Bad Blood – Battle Royal, designed for 12 players, in which they are thrown into the infected zombie area. As you can guess, the main goal is to survive to the end. And of course Bad Blood will have the legendary mechanics of parkour.

It should be noted that in spring Dying Light 2 will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Fractured Lands

If you are looking for something completely new in the Battle Royal genre, then you should try Fractured Lands, a post-apocalyptic game inspired by Mad Max, in which users will travel through the wasteland in search of their vehicle that can be upgraded and improved. For example, you can install a jet accelerator, which, as you can guess, accelerates your car, or a new deadly weapon that can destroy your opponent. Of course, over time the area available for exploring the wasteland will decrease, which will force you to engage in battles with other players.

Fractured Lands is available in Steam Early Access, and the official release is expected in 2020.

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