We are going to have a New Year vacation, which means that we can play Mobile Legends in peace, but the mobile League of Legends will not appear soon, and there are no alternatives. But, as you know, meta in the game is constantly changing, and the cyber-sports community made up another tier-list, which is actual as of 2019. You may be surprised that some characters remain popular for a long time, but because of a certain meta-shift in the direction of mobility, your game pool may change.

For simplicity of reading the tier-list, I suggest to use the following sequence: arrow > magician > assassin > warrior > tank > support. Although if you remember the names of the heroes, the perception of information should not be difficult for you.

S-tier (too strong)

X-Borg Khufra
Grock Estes

To tell the truth, Granger doesn’t look like a typical shooter, he’s more like a magician throwing a low costume skill. He has a slow attack speed and cannot shoot enemies from the hand, so his weakness was leveled out by his skills. Accordingly, he needs to play aggressively – to impose files from the beginning, to dive, to go to someone else’s forest, to control the points. Closer to the late he will lose the amount of damage to any Kerry, and if he does not crush the enemy team’s arrow from the beginning, then it will be harder to drag. He also punches through the tanks worse, so when you choose Granger game in the late stage is better not to delay.

Esmeralda is a jumping wizard who lives largely because of the good damage and the large number of shields she imposes on herself. She’s extremely mobile and can cause a lot of problems on any line, whether she’s playing solo or paired. Esmeralda’s problem is that she is often bathed, so it’s very difficult to catch her in a rank game and her lack of training can weaken her potential.

Helkart has a clear role in the game – he is a farmer of the forest, starts to line up with 4 levels and tries to kill on the ultima. He has a small level of health, which is compensated by the great damage from the hand and skills. However, this is the most difficult character in the game, so to be as strong as possible, you need to be able to play it – otherwise, you will be just a thick fly, which will be killed by cd. In the current meta, it is very relevant, but in the near future, the tanks will begin to gain momentum, and then it will stop doing as much damage as it is now.

The X-borg has been in the front row of the Meta since it appeared in Mobile Legends. Also, quite an interesting character, who can easily stand the line 1×2, is going to the damage, but it is relatively survivor and not bad beats from the hand. It is suitable for solo games because it does not depend on the team stack, can create moments for itself and will be useful at any stage of the file with any composition (and the number of lives) of opponents.

Huffra – mobile tank as far as it can be applied to the tanks as a role. His skills allow you to initiate the files, he is a great wall, plus Huffra copes perfectly with all the jumping and bursting characters. Taking into account the “jump” meta-shift Hufra will perfectly fit into any line-up.

But Grock continues to remain in the top of the best characters for a month, and on the case – a cool tank-support-which causes wild damage without iTems knows how to flip the game and will always be a great peak in any team.

Best characters in Mobile Legends (December 2019)

To be honest, Estes suddenly broke into the meta, and so little can be said about him. Once Raphael and Kaya were in the top, their roles and positions were clear, but with Estes it is not very clear what to do. Yes, it’s probably the best healer in the game right now, and his skills are very important in situations where your carrots are trying to get in the way (and there are plenty of such situations now), plus he has excellent control over the area. I’m going to play it to make sure it’s up to date in December 2019. I also leave a link to the video of one good player in Mobile Legends, it’s a list for August 2019, but the tips are still up to date. And the builds can change a bit, look at how the top players gather.

A-tier Kimmy, Claude Harith, Valir, Zhask, Chang’e, Lunox, Kagura Gusion, Ling Chou, Leomord, Masha, Thamuz Hylos, Franco, Baxia Kaja

B-tier Karrie, Wanwan, Moskov, Bruno Lylia, Harley, Gord Hayabusa, Selena Terizla, Guinevere, Dyroth, Jawhead Lolita, Minotaur, Johnson Diggie, Angela

C-tier Irithel, Lesley Kadita, Alice, Odette, Nana, Aurora, Cyclops Fanny, Lancelot, Karina Badang, Ruby, Minsitthar, Lapu-Lapu, Martis Uranus, Gatotkaca, Tigrael, Akai Rafaela

D-tier Hanabi, Miya, Yi Sun-Shin, Clint Pharsa, Vale, Vexana, Eudora Natalia, Saber, Hanzo Roger, Alucard, Bane, Argus, Alpha, Freya Belerick Faramis

E-tier Layla Hilda Balmond Zilong

And a few more notes for the next couple of months:

In the game, there is an unpleasant trend for low cooldowns, exchange of skills and permocasters. Therefore, in order to continue to remain relevant, I recommend retraining on the characters that meet these parameters. Actually, the good part of S and A-tyre just falls under these requirements.

Because of this, most likely, people will more often take tanks – they are easier to control, easier to carry enemy shots and can be exchanged with the curry of another team. But due to the fact that the tanks will become larger, from the meta-killers can fly out of the meta-killer – it will be more difficult for them to deal with total damage on command.

But, as you know, the more interesting option will be the magicians. But that’s a “completely different story”.

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