In Knight City, there are many legal arms dealers. Let’s find out where to find the best!

Types of weapons:
machine guns
other close combat
sniper rifles
submachine guns
throwing objects
All weapons in the game can be divided into powerful, technological and intelligent. Besides firearms, there are also items used in close combat. You can build a build character specializing in close combat.

You can install additional devices on the weapon, such as sights or silencers, and modifications (for example, to stabilize the recoil or improve accuracy). Each weapon has its own rarity – from conventional to cult (legendary). As you can see, the best weapon in the Cyberpunk 2077 is labeled “cult”. And in the second part of this article we will give you concrete examples.

Power Weapon
Classic firearms that use regular caliber ammunition. Tested and reliable, it is very popular among the entire population. A power weapon usually has a high rate of fire and strong recoil. Ammunition can ricochet away from the surface, which is a special feature of power weapons. Thus, it is possible to hit a target behind a hiding place or around a corner.

Technical Weapon
More advanced, high-tech weapon (usually laser). The use of nylon-free ammunition that can pierce the armor of vests and even vehicles. Technical weapons have slower firing speed, but longer range and piercing capability. The feature of technical weapons is their ability to fire through cover, walls and armor.

Clever weapon
These are guided ammunition with gyro-engine technology, which allows to correct the flight path.

Blades .
Cyberpunk 2077 has several types of cold weapons, but the coolest one is katana. They are available in all colors and variations. They can be improved with a neurotoxic coating or EMP.

Also note the Mantis blade – cybernetic arms with opening blades.

If you are looking for a cold weapon with an extended range of lesions, pay attention to the throwing knives. They are sharp and, like other blades, silent.

Sniper Rifles
The safest way to avoid trouble is to keep your distance. The Cyberpunk 2077 sniper rifles can use intelligent controllable technology or an integrated rail gun electromagnetic charging system. Naturally, sniper rifles are best suited for shooting in more open and wide terrain. But they are slow and loud weapons.

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