In this Minecraft Dungeons tutorial we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the best weapons in the new Diablo clone of the known universe. Surviving against the forces of the Arch-Ilager is not easy, so you will need all the equipment you can get in the game. So, the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Best weapon in Minecraft Dungeons

In addition to the conventional weapons that are available to you from the very beginning of the exciting Minecraft Dungeons storyline, there are also some very powerful unique weapons that are much harder to get.

To get these unique weapons, you need to either fight the big bosses in the dungeons and defeat them, or pray that the gold chests that meet on the levels contain them. Otherwise, you will have to rely on the fallout of weapons from conventional mobiles, which happens very rarely.

The best close combat weapon
Grave Bane

Damage: 62-92

Special feature: Longer range attacks, additional damage to the undead.

These weapons are extremely useful for fighting common zombies and skeletons.


Damage: 105-186

Feature: powerful repulsion, treating leeches from mobiles

In addition to the impressive damage characteristics, Heartstealer maintains your OZ in a stable manner. With a built-in leeching perk, this specimen can heal itself for some of the damage it deals to its enemies.

Diamond Sword

Damage: 14-22

Special feature: deals additional damage

This weapon is accompanied by a spell of sharpness, which allows you to inflict additional damage to enemies.

Dark Katana

Damage: 121-178

Special feature: additional damage to the undead

Another close combat weapon with impressive damage. It is especially valuable because you will definitely encounter many undead enemies during your journey to the dungeons, and it has a perk that deals them additional damage.

Frost Scythe.

Damage: 78

Feature: slows down mobs, +2 to collect showers

With this close combat weapon you can slow enemies down, making it easier to destroy them. And in conjunction with the Frost Bite Armor, you can collect a huge number of souls, allowing you to use artifacts more often.

The best long-range combat weapon
Elite Power Bow

Damage: 107-213

Special feature: strong charged attacks, more damage.

If you’re used to hitting hard, it’s best to use this weapon. With its fairly decent damage from a distance, you can shoot down several enemies in a row if you know when to open fire.

Red Snake

Damage: 65-194

Feature: strong charged attacks, chance of arrows exploding.

In addition to the percussion of heavily loaded attacks, which is already a decent bonus, this specimen has another randomly explosive arrow to help kill a whole crowd with one shot.

Hunter’s Promise

Damage: 54-135

Feature: Pets attack selected Mob, chance of arrow return.

Out of arrows? Don’t worry! With Hunter’s Promise, you’ll get some of them back, while still being able to watch your enemy’s pet attack.

Guadian’s Bow

Damage: 85-256

Feature: strong charged attacks, supercharged arrows

With strong and supercharged attacks, destroy your opponents with incredibly powerful attacks.


Damage: 15-29

Feature: strikes multiple targets

By dealing damage to multiple targets at once, the Trickbow will make it easier to destroy enemies through the use of some powerful close combat weapon.


Damage: 15-37

Special feature: the arrows are increased in size

Another worthy choice to do good damage over long distances.

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