Bioshock’s designer has moved the first level of Doom to No Man’s Sky with a Synthesis update

Bioshock designer Jean-Paul LeBreton has moved the first level of the classic Doom (E1M1) to No Man’s Sky with a recent Synthesis update.

In the fresh patch of the game there is a possibility of terraforming, which is now properly stored in the built areas. Triangular platforms were also added, thanks to which the designer was able to make his version of the famous level.

Of course, the map is not copied perfectly – in No Man’s Sky there are no exploding barrels and the doors are opened only with the help of buttons. No demons, weapons or armor were added, but the author still tried to get closer to the original. At the end of the level the players will be surprised.

The base with the Doom level can be visited personally by entering the symbols into No Man’s Sky from the designer’s page.

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