Art director of Diablo IV John Muller said in an interview with AUSGamers that the main storyline of the game is felt like the first chapter of a great story, that revolves around Lilith.
The developers of the role-playing action movie believe that the formula with the constant return of Diablo is simply outdated, and the mythology of the universe allowed you to address other characters, without focusing on the only incarnation of evil.
Other characters, including Diablo, can still be returned in the future – Blizzard hopes to support the project for years to come, but first wants to explore other characters who have not received much attention in the games.
The developers have already confirmed that they are going to release classic extensions like Reaper of Souls for the project and also support the game with free updates.
Because of this, most likely, the project will add cosmetic microtransactions.
Another distinctive feature of the fourth part, as already known, will be a full-fledged open world: this time the developers have abandoned the act structure of the narrative, where each chapter is tied to a different location.
All five regions of Diablo IV can be visited from the beginning of the game, and without any screens download.
The game is created for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and its release will take place “not soon” even by Blizzard standards.

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