This guide will tell and show you exactly how to get weapons, swords, naked bodies and more into the sandbox from the museum. A video showing exactly what you need to do – we’ll publish it at the bottom:

This guide requires a Sandbox module, here’s a separate guide that will show you how to get it.

First, go to the museum stage. After playing the game there, usually up to the second floor. In the first room there is a rubbish bin. It is used to access the objects in the sandbox.

Once you reach this room, the next room is a shooting range with all the weapons and the like, however, to get into this room you have to cross the green laser that closes the door of the trash bin behind you.

To prevent this, place the trash can under the door so that the green laser does not close the door completely when you pass through.

Then take all the items you need from the firing range and gift shop back to the trash bin.

Finally, finish the museum scene and return to the main menu. All items placed in the basket will now be in your sandbox! Enjoy!

Here comes the video itself:

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