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The Book of Hours is a medieval Christian devotional book, primarily containing prayers, psalms, and other religious texts. It was a popular form of prayer guide for laypeople during the Middle Ages. While the content of each Book of Hours may vary, there are some general settings that can enhance your reading experience.


Proper lighting is crucial when reading from a Book of Hours to avoid straining your eyes. Natural daylight is ideal as it provides a soft, even illumination. Position yourself near a window or use adjustable artificial lighting to mimic sunlight.

Background Noise

A quiet environment allows for better focus and concentration while reading from the Book of Hours. Find a secluded spot or use noise-cancelling headphones if you are in a noisy area.

Comfortable Seating

Selecting comfortable seating is essential for extended periods spent with your Book of Hours. Choose a chair or cushioned surface that provides proper support to avoid discomfort or distractions during your reading session.

Focus and Concentration Techniques

  • Meditation: Begin your session with brief meditation techniques such as deep breathing or guided imagery to center yourself before delving into the text.
  • Rituals: Create rituals around beginning and ending each reading session to help transition into and out of this sacred time with your Book
    of Hours.
  • No Distractions:Avoid distractions such as smartphones, tablets, TV screens, and other electronic devices that can interrupt focus during
    reading sessions.


  • Note-Taking: Keep a notebook or journal nearby to jot down thoughts, reflections, and questions that arise during your reading.
  • Date and Time: Record the date and time of each reading session to track your progress and personal growth.
  • Prompt Questions: Write down specific questions or points you want to explore further after finishing each section of the Book of Hours.

By following these best settings for using your Book of Hours, you can create a peaceful and focused environment conducive to deep reflection and spiritual connection. By implementing these practices, the experience will be enriched, allowing God’s message to resonate on a deeper level.

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  1. I found this article on the Book of Hours to be very informative and helpful. It provided useful tips on how to enhance the reading experience of this medieval devotional book. The suggestion to use natural daylight for lighting is particularly important to avoid eye strain. Overall, a great read!

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