Want to know your IQ level? Test your wit and laugh with friends? With Brain Out, it’s possible. A lot of levels with very unusual puzzles. This way you can test your logical thinking, memory and the ability to get out of a confusing situation.

Will you be able to cut a baby’s hair, save a mother and a girl from the abyss, catch a fish or win zeros in crosses? Sometimes it is enough to read the task carefully, and sometimes you will have to remove the painting to look at it from the other side.

The funny thing is when it seems that the solution is as simple as possible, but most often this opinion is wrong. Even the dizziest guys have to resort to looking at the clues. In the game itself, they are paid, you either have to save a lot of money or spend it. So especially for you there are ready-made answers below.

Passing the Brain Out game

Brain Out levels 1 to 25

  1. The biggest watermelon.
  2. Nine ducks.
  3. Above all, the sun.
  4. Move the watermelon slices until you find the bitten one.
  5. Move the square halfway across the screen to make a rectangle.
  6. 11 triangles.
  7. Pull the fires over each other to get the biggest one.
  8. Number 9.
  9. The score is the highest.
  10. Hide the sun behind the edge of the screen, an owl will wake up.
  11. Correct answer 9.
  12. Press the banana first, then the apple, hexagon, circle, square.
  13. Stomp two fingers simultaneously in empty cells, so that it turns out three circles in a row.
  14. Shake the chickens, with one of them a chicken will fall out.
  15. Click on the word “color.”
  16. Slide the wig aside, the guy’s got three hairs.
  17. Move the duckling to the puddle.
  18. Under the number 1 wand, move it under the symbol after the sign equals 2.
  19. Put the pink spots on the pillow, it’ll make steak.
  20. Press fingers on a monkey and a horse, the third finger press the button that the rabbit won.
  21. Canned feed the dog, he goes to the toilet with a ring.
  22. People like to listen to “cd”.
  23. Rub your finger on the place where the cigarette burns, it’ll start to fade out.
  24. Put the coins in the piggy bank and smash it with your fingers, there will be 15 coins inside.
  25. Remove the smiley face from the yellow circle, put a cloud under it.
    Brain Out levels 26 to 50
  26. Need 1 incision.
  27. Increase the stone on it will be 10 ants, a total of 17.
  28. Answer 9.
  29. Move the sentence under the butterfly.
  30. Press the two bare wires at the same time, the fan will start.
  31. Press the clouds to get the worm.
  32. Turn the phone horizontally and swing it, the child will fall asleep.
  33. Press the hands of both women.
  34. Remove the sentence and the cloud, the sun will appear.
  35. Move the carrot to the hare.
  36. With two fingers, bring the boat closer, it will increase.
  37. Stomp twice on the number 3 and once on the number 6.
  38. Place all the items and the sentence in the box.
  39. Move the mole to the hammer.
  40. Flip the phone over, the key will fall out of the bucket.
  41. Answer 39.
  42. Find all the items in the picture, there’s no catch.
  43. Open the door.
  44. Answer 1.
  45. Remove the tank with the number 1 down. Select the tank 4.
  46. Answer 909.
  47. Place the chicken aside and select a location.
  48. Give Tom the girl’s purse.
  49. Place a flying saucer over a rock, an alien was hiding behind it.
  50. Flip the device into a horizontal position.

Brain Out levels 51 to 75.

  • Move all the boxes of fries, it turns out there’s 10.
  • The panda is hidden in the upper right corner, take a look.
  • Use your finger to erase the scribbles in the well.
  • Press three times on the orange rectangle and five times on the green, only carefully, it will change color for a while.
  • Rub the lamp and stomp on the bookshelf.
  • Most sides by the circle.
  • The answer is 91.
  • Clamp-on the box with your finger and tilt the phone to the right, the picture will fall out.
  • Clamp the nose of the piggy.
  • Stomp on the dog several times.
  • Number 8 in the upper right corner.
  • White is the most color.
  • Place a yellow figure on top of the orange.
  • Letter G.
  • Wipe off the bottom stick of the letter E to make it F = F.
  • In three hours, the hand will point at 9:00.
  • Move the chickens, you’ll find two hidden ones. Remove the word “remove”, find five more. That’s a total of 11.
  • Rub the girl’s hand.
  • Shake the phone, the animals will get dizzy.
  • Make equation 1 – 0 = 1.
  • Move your finger on the screen until the chicks are out of sight, then the herring will appear.
  • Answer 24.
  • Lower the sentence down and use the arrows to reach the carrot.
  • Answer 70773, that’s a reflection of the word error.
  • Press your finger on an elephant and then trample on the word “copy.

Brain Out levels from 76 – 100

  • Press the word “start” when the fourth light bulb lights up, stomp again on the blue button.
  • The answer is 58.
  • Stomp on the second foot.
  • Flip the three to make the number eight.
  • Use the arrows to guide the chicken to the exit, around the maze.
  • Give the girl some juice left over.
    Passing Brain Out, level 81.
  • Make it look like a screenshot.
    Passing Brain Out level 82
  • Remove the table downstairs and find the differences.
    Passing Brain Out level 83
  • 9 holes in his pants.
  • Answer 1024.
  • Fold the log from the fire, bring it to the chimney, there will be smoke on the left, cover the chimney with your finger so that the rat will run out on the right.
  • Point the arrow at the “next” button and click on the mouse on the right.
  • Raise the first platform and write the number 999.
    Pass Brain Out level 88.
  • Stomp under the figures to find the white rectangle.
  • Close the joystick with your finger.
  • The following shows how to flip the triangle in three moves.
    Passing Brain Out level
  • Click on the numbers in the task, and the last number 33 is in the top sentence.
  • Use the arrows to move the girl to the platform on the right, then remove the platform to the left.
  • The answer is 16.
  • Take a circle near the word “you”, place it at the bottom right corner. Now make a move by placing the circle at the upper right corner.
  • Place the noodles in a plate and fill it with water. Use your finger to clamp the noodles onto the plates to keep them warm.
  • Move the two matches to make a chair.
    Passing Brain Out level 97
  • Enter hfi.
  • Panda in the bottom right corner.
  • Flip the phone upside down.

Brain Out levels 101 to 125

  • Pick two zeros.
  • Answer 31181.
  • Lower the unit with the screen down.
  • Clutch your finger against a white background, the fly flies towards it, kill it with your second finger.
  • Pick a joystick.
  • Shake the phone so the guy wakes up.
  • Put a line on the plus sign.
    Pass Brain Out level 107
  • Sequence: banana, watermelon, apple and twice per rhombus.
  • Press your finger on an orange drink and shake the phone, then let the guy drink.
  • Press the 3 buttons at the same time.
  • Find the word “menu” on a white background.
  • Hold one finger on the box, raise the lid with the second finger.
  • The answer is 43215.
  • Answer 8.
  • Press the blue button 10 times and the red button once.
  • Remove all items from the scale.
  • Turn the guy around to see 38 hairs.
  • Answer 14.
  • Fill the middle candle, then tilt the phone to the left.
  • Reduce the image with two fingers, you will see a dent.
  • Stomp on the guy to get him out of the car.
  • Press your finger on the thermometer, the temperature will rise to 96.8.
  • Cover the flask with your finger and shake the phone.
  • Increase the refrigerator with two fingers.
  • Unscrew the lamp with your finger.

Brain Out levels 126 to 150

  • The answer is 140.
  • Feed the rabbit a heart, now you can jump over the cliff.
  • Answer 21.
  • Light two lamps on the left and put the third one off the screen.
  • It’ll take six hours.
  • The answer is 410.
  • Turn the phone left so that it is horizontal, the child will fall asleep. Cut it with a haircut machine.
  • Shake the phone and trample through the traffic.
  • The answer is 20.
  • Turn the two taps, shake the phone and press the “ok” button.
    Passing Brain Out level 135
  • Use the meat to find the wolf, remove the sheep’s skin with the second finger.
  • Set the time, the child will stand up, give him milk.
  • Wave the device from side to side.
  • Combine the two figures into a heart shape.
    Pass Brain Out level 139.
  • Enter the time that is now on your device.
  • With two fingers, lift the stone at the same time.
  • Seven triangles.
  • Sharply move the phone away from you to pull the hook out of the water, hook a worm to it. Push the phone away from you again, the fish will catch.
  • Make a hobby, as shown below.
    Passing Brain Out level 144
  • Open the box with two fingers. Enter the password 20030816 in the safe.
  • Unscrew the light bulb and press the word “escape”.
  • Sweep the monster with your finger, the golden crown will fall out, put it on the head of a monkey and give it a leg from the chair.
  • Find all the elements.
  • Place logs on the tree, add ropes to them to make a ladder.
  • Flip 9, you get 6. 6 + 11 + 13 = 30.

Brain Out levels 151 to 178

  • Play the thimble when the speed is 10x, erase the number 0. You’ll get a speed of 1x.
  • Run your finger from the guy’s right hand to the left.
  • The old lady has eight children.
  • With a shovel, dig a hole in front of the gangster, cover her with straw.
  • Hold the barbell with your finger, put the egg down with the other one.
  • Swap the dog and the rabbit.
  • Stomp on a waffle cup. With two fingers move the machine to the left, plug it in. Load the ice and milk on top.
  • That leaves two candles.
  • Put the word “protect” on the rocket and wait 15 seconds.
  • Move the glasses from the dog to the girl’s face, kill the flies that appear.
  • Put your finger on the guy and collect all the money.
  • Get the phone out of your pocket and give it to the guy.
  • Connect the phone to the charger.
  • Press twice the number 0.
  • Give a sausage to the guy.
  • Zoom in on the bowling ball with two fingers and knock off all the pins with it.
  • A ping-pong ball is a dot after the yellow letters “Lv”.
  • 14 triangles.
  • Take out a pack of cigarettes from your left pocket. Click on the smoky cigarette several times until it disappears.
  • The monkey will collect 0 pineapples.
  • Add the shampoo to the water, then the cat, move the chair to the side, followed by the fish, feed it to the animal.
  • Click on the word “Exit”.
  • Try to milk the bull three times, the cow will come, milk it.
  • Put a bucket in the aquarium and put some water in it.
  • That number is four.
  • We need to make 3 incisions.
  • With two fingers, enlarge the blue bubble, it’ll eat the monsters.
  • Put your finger on the cards as if you were trying to wipe the screen.

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