Finally for Call of Duty Modern Warfare came the Royal Battle – Warzone, which is available to absolutely everyone. In this guide you will learn how to quickly raise your Battle Pass level.

Call of Duty Warzone tactics and tips – how to quickly raise your Battle Pass level.

Kill and collect the lute.
The best way to raise the level quickly is to kill your opponents and collect the loot from them. After all, it’s a shooter.

We can also assume that you can get XP if you help your team, for example by marking enemies.

You can also get XP for opening boxes, so do not lose your chance.

Win .
Yes, it’s quite obvious, but the further you go, the more XP you can get. Moreover, the higher your rank, the more experience you will get for winning.

Execute the contracts
The Call of Duty Warzone has special missions called contracts. Their conditions are quite simple: to open a certain number of boxes with loot, to be in the zone for a while or to kill a certain number of enemies. For each completed mission you will receive XP.

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